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Stipulative definition--a definition that gives a term a specific meaning in the context of a particular discussion or argument.
Whether the MPU issues and the ongoing debate over the adoption of a definition of digital goods will be resolved at December's Governing Board meeting remains to be seen.
Changes include revised definitions of disability, a return to lifetime benefits, higher monthly coverage amounts and more optional coverages.
By agreeing upon a uniform definition of what constitutes a criminal gang, what describes a person as a member/associate of a gang, and what unlawful acts comprise gang-involved crime, the law enforcement profession can begin the difficult, but not impossible, task of reversing the current menace that has engulfed many of America's young people and their communities.
Such a conclusion is undercut by Congress's express consideration and rejection of proposed changes to the definitions of non-audit services prohibited by the existing SEC rule.
This element of the definition is deceptively simple.
This new definition added a small number of conditions which would be considered AIDS-defining if they occurred in a person with a positive HIV test.
Second, these definitions clearly illustrate a behavioral process or systems approach to teamwork.
But Clinton was responding to a definition of ``sexual relations'' that was prepared by Jones' lawyers and then narrowed by U.
Mental Retardation: Definition, Classification, and systems of support.
The first definition applies to people with physically-based disabilities as well as to people with mentally-based disabilities.
However, I have yet to see a definition or category devised by a federal or state agency that does not fit into the CDC categories.
Depending on whom you speak to, the definition of a "heavy metal" can be as broad as every metallic element except lithium and sodium, or as limited as the few metals mentioned in the CONEG-type legislation (from the Coalition of Northeastern Governors) popping up all over the country to limit the hazardous content of packaging.
Although the Forest Service and Wilderness Society based their inventories on the same definition of ecological old-growth and used similar high-tech geographic information systems for analysis and mapping, their estimates of old-growth differed significantly.
CONMED Linvatec Delivers New High Definition Video Imaging System; 24K Irrigation System; Hip Arthroscopy Kit