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definitely not

Absolutely not! A: "Now, be honest—have you ever stolen money from this company?" B: "No, definitely not!"
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Definitely not!

 and Certainly not!
No, without any doubt at all. (Compare this with Absolutely not!) Bill: Will you lend me some money? Bob: No way! Definitely not! Bob: Have you ever stolen anything? Fred: Certainly not!
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References in classic literature ?
Bax became more definitely clerical, if it were possible, he seemed to speak with a certain innocent craftiness, as he pointed out that all this laid a special duty upon earnest Christians.
here his manner became definitely priestly and his remarks seemed to be directed to women, for indeed Mr.
It cannot be definitely assigned either to the Ionian or Continental schools, for while the romantic element is very strong, there is a distinct genealogical interest; and in matters of diction and style the influences of both Hesiod and Homer are well-marked.
The Delian part is exclusively Ionian and insular both in style and sympathy; Delos and no other is Apollo's chosen seat: but the second part is as definitely continental; Delos is ignored and Delphi alone is the important centre of Apollo's worship.
These two points, yet obscure, as well as others, no doubt, could not be definitely settled except by direct communication with the moon.
All his limitations, indeed, have become more conspicuous as time has passed; and critical judgment has already definitely excluded him from the select ranks of the truly greatest authors.
The perspective of time has made it clear that among the Victorian novelists, as among the poets, three definitely surpass the others.
It's a confession that weighs on me; I want to make it to you," said Anna, letting herself drop definitely into an armchair, and looking straight into Dolly's face.
As the butler spoke, Eustace picked up a plate and threw it at the scullery-maid, whom he seemed definitely to have picked out as the most hostile of the allies.
Madame, I am a gentleman (I was going to observe), who when he says, "I will definitely finish this or that affair at the present sitting," does definitely finish it.
861-8 provides a two-step process in which these expenses are charged against gross income; first, expenses are allocated to the classes of gross income to which they are definitely related and, second, they are apportioned (within the class(es) of gross income) among statutory and residual groupings of gross income.
The packed-like-sardines venue was definitely a hot party on a cold night.
When Rice explodes, barking "fuck you" over a threnody of dissonant strings ("Rootless Tree"), well, you're definitely not in James Blunt territory.
You can imagine the Yorkshire Brand Management Team meeting to discuss Definitely Yorkshire.
Zart Dombourian-Eby, a highly regarded piccoloist and flutist, definitely made a wise decision when she commissioned Gary Schocker to compose Sonata: For Piccolo and Piano.