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definitely not

Absolutely not. A: "Now, be honest—have you ever stolen money from this company?" B: "Definitely not!"
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Definitely not!

 and Certainly not!
No, without any doubt at all. (Compare this with Absolutely not!) Bill: Will you lend me some money? Bob: No way! Definitely not! Bob: Have you ever stolen anything? Fred: Certainly not!
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4) For what one can see in the very brief data cited by Morales Lara, the suffix--a:l that marks definiteness in Pocomam numerals is formally distinct from what seems to be the definite determiner in that language.
Gordon Elliott, trainer of Definite Ruby and Isabella Liberty Definite Ruby won this race last year and she is in great form as she attempts to do it again.
In 1930, the class of positive definite functions is fully characterized by Bochner's theorem [1], the function f being positive definite if and only if it is the Fourier transform of a nonnegative finite Borel measure on the real line R.
Kostic and Voss [9] applied the Sylvester's law of inertia on the definite quadratic eigenvalue problems.
In a previous report from the same research, the investigators reported that the prevalence of migraine in this population was 15% for definite migraine and 15% for probable migraine.
She describes stages of these languages where the aspect system was dissolving and, at the same time, first occurrences of the definite article can be accounted for.
Tauli summarised his observations as follows: "Another important meaning of P[osessive]S[uffixe]s is determinative (corresponding to the definite article of the I[ndo-]E[uropean] languages).
This shows a definite change in the "canon" of literature since drama has nothing to do with pedagogy or didactics any more, but it is a literary achievement, and what is more, the written version belongs to literature while the stage production belongs to theatre.
Use of Avonex had indeed delayed, although it did not prevent, the onset of definite MS.
It was rather disappointing to see that Definite has stuck with the text-only install method, whereas RedHat 6.
Apart from the studies of Pucci, the only extended archival study in this collection is a 1959 article dealing with the Italian Protestant congregation in London, which began forming through the preaching of Bernardino Ochino in 1548, took definite shape with the arrival of Michelangelo Florio in 1550, went underground during the Marian restoration of Catholicism, re-emerged as a Calvinist body in 1565, and disbanded in 1598.
For example, it makes the set of definite truths non-vague, which seems problematic.
Using painstakingly careful analysis, Proust showed in 1799 that copper carbonate contained definite proportions, by weight, of copper, carbon, and oxygen, no matter how it was prepared in the laboratory or how it was isolated from nature.
The courts interpret last known address as last known permanent address or temporary address of definite duration.