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On the one hand, this activity attempts to demystify the critical process of defining -isms.
The UML complimented the architecture design by defining the workflow patterns necessary to implement distributed operations between multiple sites.
Additionally, criteria that should also be considered in defining standard of care boundaries include pain symptom management, patient satisfaction, shared decision making among the patient, her family, and the treating physicians, coordination of pain care with other medical and social issues, and the guarantee of continuity of care throughout the chronic pain illness (13)
Instead of seeing that the multiplicity of meanings carried by texts leads us to ambiguity, Fasching sees that the unique character of Auschwitz forces us to see a meaning that must be the central defining ethic for Christians in a post-Shoah world (the ethic of respect for the stranger).
Spotted-owl genetics has posed a difficult challenge to defining an ESU.
Wes Lane of Lane Insurance Brokers in Crosby, Texas, wrote that the financial-services modernization law was the defining event of 1999, because "it will force states to work together on licensing and other issues and will open wide the door for Internet insurance sales."
Defining a target market and determining a marketing strategy to reach people who will react positively to your product are better tactics.
The topic (as if you didn't know)--"Defining Canada." I accepted as much out of curiosity as concern.
The statute is explicit that only a "qualified taxpayer" may claim the credit,(13) but does a poor job in defining that term.(14) Indeed, the statute states only that a qualified taxpayer is a taxpayer "engaged in those lines of business" described in SIC Codes 2000 to 3999 inclusive, which are generally regarded as the SIC codes for manufacturing operations.
One reason to select a registrar prior to making changes in your quality-management program is that the registrar may assist you in defining the standards to be met at the official audit.
By defining a clear mission, consumers will be more likely to achieve a focus on what they want--and are thereby more likely to avoid perspectives introduced by providers.
* By defining the benefit in terms of some percentage of the cost of covered services the benefit percentage), leaving open bow costsharing works.
Some of the jurisdictions that have not adopted section 3 but have adopted section 23 provisions allow for the practice of substantial equivalency without defining it.
There was often a disconnect between the researchers' ways of understanding and defining Teacher Efficacy and their ways of capturing data and assessing the construct.
To implement this approach, use a gage block equal to the dimension entered in the "specimen geometry" to determine the gap between the fixtures, and zero the LVDT with the gage block defining the opening.