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define (something) as (something)

To describe, designate, or label something as something. Oh, Molly's not coming to the parade because she defines these kind of events as chaotic and overwhelming.
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defining moment

1. A point in time at which some essential trait or aspect of someone's or something's character or nature is made apparent. Having to confront my boss was a defining moment for me—it was when I realized that I was so much stronger and more capable than I had been trained to believe. This will prove to be a defining moment in the political party's identity. Either they uphold their core ideologies, or they embrace the more extreme views that have been gaining mainstream popularity.
2. A point in time at which the future of someone or something is defined or decided. The release of their incredibly popular MyPhone was a defining moment for the company, turning them almost overnight into a major corporate juggernaut. I had always gotten good grades in school, but receiving the special award for my research project became a defining moment in my academic career.
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define something as something

to label something as being something. I define that kind of behavior as just plain rude! We have to define that comment as careless and unthinking.
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The increased cost overheads and complexities in the networking environment have given way to the adoption of Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), thereby aiding companies in cutting down their operational and capital expenditure (CAPEX).
"Still a Better Bang for the Buck: An Update on the Economic Efficiencies of Defined Benefit Pensions" argues that DB plans have three structural cost advantages over DC plans: longevity risk pooling, the ability to maintain a well-diversified portfolio over a long investment horizon, and low fees and professional management.
The fixed benefit level will help the client determine how much he should add to the plan each year, but the primary advantage of the defined benefit plan is that the client can put away upwards of $200,000 a year for 2012 and $205,000 for 2013.
In 2004, as the corporate drive to freeze defined benefit plans was gathering speed, only 45, or 7.1 percent, of 633 Fortune 1000 companies with defined benefit plans had frozen at least one plan.
The book is divided into four sections: Justification for the Employer-Based System, Getting Defined Benefit Plans Ready for the Future, Ways to Improve Defined Contribution Plans, and lastly, Understanding the Political Dimensions of Pension Reform.
Recent research carried out by the group found that one in four defined benefit schemes that was closed to new members but still open to future accruals, planned to close altogether during the coming three years.
During 2006, companies paid an average of 14.2 per cent of payroll into open defined benefit pensions, which includes final salary schemes, but they contributed just 5.8 per cent to defined contributions.
The gifts were not listed in the AA in terms of percentages of MIL interests, but defined in terms of dollar amounts of MILs net fair market value (FMV).
Of these case-patients, 5,688 were cured, and 202 (164 male and 38 female) had a recurrence, defined by the following criteria: 1) their TB episode was confirmed by culture; and 2) they experienced 2 successive TB episodes, with cure as the outcome of the first episode.
Responsible resident-directed care is not without limits--limits including defined standards of care, compliance with government regulations, and practical constraints on the capacity of the particular facility to accommodate individual preferences.
The criteria for choosing a specific test and test condition, as they pertain to material performance in an intended application, are not always completely obvious and defined.
Variables to be studied, such as ease of use and rate of task completion, are defined and ultimately measured by the researchers on participants.
If there is in fact an "outlaw agenda" (118), its content is never defined, but for black social bandits the bar is set low: "In the black worldview it is often sufficient that the bandit exhibit a kind of unadorned hypermasculinity normally denied the menfolk of a maligned race." (115).
Many companies that aren't shirking their pension obligations by filing for bankruptcy are switching their defined benefit pension plans--which promise a fixed monthly check--over to riskier defined contribution plans like 401(k)s, or to no plans at all.
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