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define (something) as (something)

To describe, designate, or label something as something. Oh, Molly's not coming to the parade because she defines these kind of events as chaotic and overwhelming.
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define something as something

to label something as being something. I define that kind of behavior as just plain rude! We have to define that comment as careless and unthinking.
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To compensate for an overambitious syllabus, I began to underscore whenever possible the processes involved in the conceptualization of movements in order to show that they are fairly easy to name, harder to define, and impossible to contain.
To define the cell as an embryo is a gross scientific error.
The act would require each state or territory to develop a plan to address an emergency and defines a broad range of components to be included in the plan.
The expanded uncertainty can be used to define an interval, y [+ or -] U where y is the result of a measurement, that may be expected to encompass a large fraction of the distribution of values that could be reasonably attributed to the measurand (GUM 2.
Specialized programs help define a marketing niche.
It is expected to cost less than half of standard drilling approaches and the intention is to define uranium and co-product metal resources in the three pipes to be tested.
The new language is lifted from the lexicon of pension plans, in which employers may define a contribution made annually to an employee's pension plan or, alternatively, define an eventual benefit the employee will have at retirement, which then dictates contributions.
It appears to be a "Catch-22": Care expectations evolve from those who define the recipient, and recipients, in turn, define the care that they are to be given by their actions (or lack of same).
280F-6T(d)(2)(i) define QBU as any use in a trade or business of the taxpayer, rather than use in an investment or other activity conducted for the production of income.
For example, the Act provides for 92 percent target funding for 2008, but this cannot be determined until Treasury defines the discount rate required for the calculation.
It also defines the optical and copper interfaces and the cable plant.
Code [sections] 23649(e)(7) defines "small business" to mean a taxpayer that meets any of the following requirements during the income year for which the credit is allowed: (1) gross receipts of less than $50 million, or (2) net assets of less than $50 million, or (3) a total manufacturer's investment credit of less than $1 million.
457(f)(3)(B) defines a substantial risk of forfeiture as rights to compensation conditioned on the future performance of substantial services.
DigitalIF defines the signal and control data that is passed between the radio frequency (RF) subsystem and the baseband signal processing subsystem of a software- defined radio.
464(e)(2) defines a "limited entrepreneur" as a person who