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define (something) as (something)

To describe, designate, or label something as something. Oh, Molly's not coming to the parade because she defines these kind of events as chaotic and overwhelming.
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define something as something

to label something as being something. I define that kind of behavior as just plain rude! We have to define that comment as careless and unthinking.
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(1) X is called a definable subset of (U; C) if [bar.C](X) = [](X).
Observe that the predicate <, as restriction of the order on Z to N, is already definable in (N; +}.
Powerful test control features such as definable waveforms, auto-tuning, and amplitude control enable sophisticated users to meet unique testing requirements for new materials and applications.
Significant changes include a new 'look and feel' for the front-end applications, unlimited airport definable fields and the ability to enrol and manage iris biometrics via the access system.
He said: "What has happened is the culture of the country has changed in a definable way as a result of it.
He found money behavior falls into six definable patterns, or "Money Types," and everyone has a predominant financial personality.
Pro Version 4 also supports up to 50 definable breaks including paid, unpaid, fixed or flexible.
The on-board LCD provides on-site viewing of user definable parameters while full data access is available on its communications ports.
NearPoint manages e-mail in a central indexed repository and retains it according to easily definable retention policies.
Is there a definable Jewish identity in contemporary architecture?
While some scientists develop new tools to visualize for the first time the fuzzy essence of electrons, others are coercing these inherently quantum entities into clearly definable locations and behaviors that resemble those of tiny billiard balls.
The majority of African Americans came from a definable section of West Africa.
Finally, while Davies insists on "the principle that cunning-folk are definable by what they practiced," (p.
If the epileptogenic zone is definable, the surgical cure rate is 20%-30%, but "there is probably a higher percentage who have a decrease in seizures," he said.
Unlike Yoshio Taniguchi, who has embraced a neohistorical modernism for his renovation of the Museum of Modern Art, Piano, in recent commissions like the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, has employed subtle natural lighting and simple materials to dramatic effect without falling into an easily definable stylistic box.