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in defiance (of someone or something)

against someone's will or against instructions; in bold resistance to someone or someone's orders. Jane spent the afternoon in the park in defiance of her mother's instructions. She did it in defiance of her mother. She has done a number of things in defiance lately.
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in defiance of

In spite of, with outright disregard for, as in They went on strike in defiance of union policy. This term was first recorded in 1750.
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bid defiance

To refuse to submit; offer resistance to.
See also: bid, defiance

in defiance of

In spite of; contrary to: went on strike in defiance of union policy.
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References in classic literature ?
To extricate himself from the stirrups and fallen steed, was to the Templar scarce the work of a moment; and, stung with madness, both at his disgrace and at the acclamations with which it was hailed by the spectators, he drew his sword and waved it in defiance of his conqueror.
He then commanded his trumpet to sound a defiance to the challengers, and desired a herald to announce to them, that he should make no election, but was willing to encounter them in the order in which they pleased to advance against him.
said the tragedian, taking an upward look at Nicholas, beginning at his boots and ending at the crown of his head, and then a downward one, beginning at the crown of his head, and ending at his boots--which two looks, as everybody knows, express defiance on the stage.
Hot and drunken though they were, they had not yet broken all bounds and set all law and government at defiance.
Her feeble power of defiance left her in an instant, her heart swelled, and getting up from her chair, she ran to her father, hid her face on his shoulder, and burst out into loud sobbing.
Acts of Defiance is a fiction novel that explores the lifelong friendship and adventures of two boys.
Produced in conjunction with the Syfy Channel, the two strands of Defiance stand alone but will crossover at certain junctures.
Defiance in taxation and governance; resisting and dismissing authority in a democracy.
Global Banking News-18 March 2009-First Defiance Financial Corporation announces quarterly dividend(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
12--Charlie's Down Under, Defiance, Ohio; Board Meeting.
have announced its new Risk Management System, DefianceTM RMS, which provides business and security managers with comprehensive security event reporting on all applications protected by Defiance TMS, Kavado's enterprise-class threat management system.
a leader in intelligent application security management solutions, has launched Defiance TMS, the first enterprise-class Threat Management System to secure large-scale, distributed deployment of Web applications and Web services.
The Defiance Campaign is supported by many doctors and nurses, by Jubilee 2000, by trade unions, by the AIDS Consortium and AIDS Law Project, and by children's rights organizations throughout the country.