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bid defiance

To remain firm or resolute; to refuse to yield. Our toddler usually bids defiance to any mention of bedtime.
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in defiance of (something)

Regardless or in spite of something. Oh, so you snuck out last night, in defiance of the punishment your father and I had given you. In that case, you're grounded for a month now.
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in defiance (of someone or something)

against someone's will or against instructions; in bold resistance to someone or someone's orders. Jane spent the afternoon in the park in defiance of her mother's instructions. She did it in defiance of her mother. She has done a number of things in defiance lately.
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in defiance of

In spite of, with outright disregard for, as in They went on strike in defiance of union policy. This term was first recorded in 1750.
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bid defiance

To refuse to submit; offer resistance to.
See also: bid, defiance

in defiance of

In spite of; contrary to: went on strike in defiance of union policy.
See also: defiance, of
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Mais un train de reformes sur la defiance constructive produirait-il reellement les resultats escomptes?
The Defiance College baseball team entered the 1961 season optimistic but uncertain.
Praise for Acts of Defiance: Acts of Defiance is “a beautiful and moving story”—Whortleberry Press
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Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has chosen Defiance Technologies, Ashok Leyland's associate company, to help develop a low cost car.
What makes clear the correspondence between this sectarian division and the division between Defiance and the Arab Spring are the many ambiguities that surround the stances taken by the Hamas movement on the developments in Syria.
Australia) conducts multivariate quantitative analyses of defiance attitudes and postures towards the tax system and tax authorities in Australia in order to build a theory of defiance towards taxation and government more broadly.
On the northern of the three Defiance drill traverses about 230m northeast of the central traverse, drill hole WKA 26 intersected 1m at 2.
Protegrity Corporation, a provider of data security management solutions, released on Thursday (4 September) Defiance Security Software Suite 4.
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In 1794, General "Mad" Anthony Wayne established Fort Defiance as a base for operations against all opposing forces.
Protegrity Corporation, a provider of data security management solutions have released the newest version of security product: Defiance Security Software Suite 4.