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defer to (someone or something)

To submit or yield to someone or something. I really need to defer to your mother on this one—she's in charge of all the Thanksgiving plans.
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defer to someone or something (on something)

to yield to someone or something on some question or point. I will defer to Mary on that question. She would not defer to the committee on anything.
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Without the combination product, the client would traditionally be required to execute a tax-free exchange of the variable annuity contract for a deferred income annuity.
While the deferred income annuity rider has only recently emerged into the annuity product marketplace, as its availability becomes more widespread it will likely provide your clients with a combination product that can meet their needs both during their working years and far into the retirement future.
A simple way to think of deferred outflows is as a decrease in net assets that does not meet the criteria for recognition as either an expenditure (in governmental fund operating statements) or an expense (in other government operating statements) Similarly, deferred inflows can be thought of as an increase in net assets (from revenue sources) that does not meet the criteria for revenue recognition in the respective operating statements.
63, Financial Reporting of Deferred Outflows of Resources, Deferred Inflows of Resources., and Net Position in June 2011, addressing the various elements of financial statements:
Deferred entry has not been cancelled at Warwick University in Gibbet Hill, Coventry.
If the tax deduction is less than the financial statement compensation expense, the write-off of the remaining deferred tax asset is charged against the APIC pool.
For a company, a deferred prosecution disposition is almost always far more favorable than a criminal conviction, whether by guilty plea or after a trial.
Certain popular executive benefit arrangements, funded with life insurance and in wide use today, may unintentionally create a deferred compensation promise that now needs to be properly documented.
"Once we understood the deferred maintenance backlog, it gave us the opportunity to determine investment priorities."
Deferred prosecution agreements enable the government to get everything it might have gotten through a trial (fines, admission of guilt, changes to the company's governance) except a conviction itself.
We test whether managers use the flexibility provided under the partial method of deferred taxation accounting in the U.K.
Consequently, a highly compensated employee who contributed $8,500 or more on a tax-deferred basis to the savings plan (and this became more and more attractive as those limits increased) would not be able to set aside any monies through a deferred compensation arrangement.
Deferred tax asset is a balance sheet term used to describe a tax benefit that will materialize in the future.
The second way is to convert a regular IRA or a rollover IRA into a Roth IRA by paying any deferred income tax.
Conditional jockey Henry Oliver had earlier picked up a 15-day suspension, with another six days deferred, after the two claimers had been referred to the Jockey Club's Disciplinary Committee.