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defer to (someone or something)

To submit or yield to someone or something. I really need to defer to your mother on this one—she's in charge of all the Thanksgiving plans.
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defer to someone or something (on something)

to yield to someone or something on some question or point. I will defer to Mary on that question. She would not defer to the committee on anything.
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Table 6: Composition of Payments for Energy and Ramping per Day by Conventional Demand (CD), Wind Generation (WG), Conventional Generation (CG), and Deferrable Demand (DD), Low Ramping Cost Case Ramping Payment Energy Payment Total Payment Total Energy ($1000) ($1000) ($1000) (MWh) 1) CD (**) 79 18,684 18,763 214,911 2) WG (**) 46 -2,129 -2,083 27,070 3) CG (**) -47 -16,594 -16,640 196,924 4) DD (**) -78 39 -39 9,523 Average Payment ($/MWh) 1) CD (**) 87 2) WG (**) -77 3) CG (**) -85 4) DD (**) -4 (*) Positive (Negative) values indicate Paying (Being Paid) for a service.
The subordinated deferrable debt ratings are two notches below the Long-Term IDR due to the poor recovery prospects for debtholders in a stressed scenario given their deep subordination to senior secured and senior unsecured debt.
Past research has shed light on the efficiency issues raised by, for example, the widespread use of flat-rate structures for retail rates and the perverse incentives that they provide for investing in deferrable demand (Simshauser and Downer, 2016).
Similarly, TPR's effect on deferrable admissions is a statistically insignificant 1.53 percent decrease, while TPR's effect on nondeferrable admissions is a statistically insignificant 6.30 percent increase using the rural control groups.
It also gives the deferrable load a lower priority than the primary load but a higher priority than charging the batteries.
The system includes a wind turbine, PV panels, a diesel generator, inverter, batteries, DC deferrable load, and AC prime load.
Death remains one of the few non-negotiable aspects of life, but for a growing number of people it is increasingly deferrable, said Joseph Coughlin, director of the AgeLab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
In cellular IoT network, massive wireless sensor data are delivered to server application through BS, and can be divided into two types according to service requirement: delay-sensitive and delay-tolerant, corresponding to non-deferrable and deferrable communication tasks.
One-quarter of all nursing notifications to residents occur during work rounds or teaching conferences, (1) and as many as 80% of them may be safely deferrable until the end of such teaching sessions (nonemergent communications).
[Home furnishings] are a deferrable purchase; other things such as repairing and remodeling a home tend to come first."
In Massachusetts, the Home Modification Loan Program makes zero-interest loans to income-qualified households, with the pay-back deferrable to when the property is sold.
For purposes of calculating the plan' benefits, some producer earnings related to Lincoln are either "pensionable" or deferrable. Some are not.
This cash final tender was for any and all of Hercules' outstanding 6.500% Series A junior subordinated deferrable interest debentures due 2029, including debentures held as components of CRESTSSM units.
The perpetual Sukuk, meanwhile, is rated 2 notches below MAHB's corporate credit rating to reflect the risk of deferrable profit distributions and the deeply subordinated right of the Sukuk holders to claims in the event of insolvency.
The redemption of the capital securities follows the concurrent redemption by HSBC Finance of its 5.911 percent Junior Subordinated Deferrable Interest Notes due 2035.