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defer to (someone or something)

To submit or yield to someone or something. I really need to defer to your mother on this one—she's in charge of all the Thanksgiving plans.
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defer to someone or something (on something)

to yield to someone or something on some question or point. I will defer to Mary on that question. She would not defer to the committee on anything.
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For example, if a corporation pays a bonus to an executive in February 1998 based on the results of the fiscal year ended December 31, 1997, the employee's election to defer that bonus must have been made before the beginning of fiscal year 1997 (before January 1, 1997).
The ruling allowed an executive to make a single election to defer compensation into a nonqualified plan throughout the year.
9037026 (June 15, 1990), a corporation set up a rabbi trust-backed deferred compensation plan that afford employees an opportunity to elect in advance to defer up to 20 percent of their compensation (including bonuses).
The Service took the position in Notice 2003-47, that this is not an arm's-length transfer but, rather, a tax shelter that does not effectively defer income recognition.
404(d) limits a taxpayer's deduction for amounts paid to certain cash-basis independent contractors under a plan or arrangement that defers compensation.
In this case, the employee defers $8,000 of compensation and a $2,000 employer matching contribution, which are invested to earn 8% a year.
IN ONE EXAMPLE, an employee defers $8,000 of compensation and a $2,000 employer matching contribution, which are invested to earn 8% a year; the cumulative cost to the company over 40 years could be $819,778.
Thus, the taxpayer had to recognize the income from the sale on the installation date, and could not defer income, as required for financial reporting purposes, until the customer formally accepted the system.
Following Thor Power, the TAM indicates that for book purposes, as a result of a conservative approach, companies generally must defer income recognition until they are assured of its realization.
Under the proposed regulations, an eligible plan can allow a participant to elect to defer accumulated sick, vacation and back pay.
Companies using this approach commonly may find that their highly compensated employees are more likely to defer income into a pension plan once it is offered without limitations.
1033's involuntary-conversion provisions to defer gain on damaged property, even though Willamette processed and sold the property in the same manner as undamaged property.
But she now defers 15% of her pre-tax income by maxing out on her 401(k) and contributing to an IRA.