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on the defensive

weary and ready to defend oneself. John goes on the defensive when his athletic ability is questioned. The child was on the defensive when questioned about cheating.
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on the defensive

Prepared for withstanding aggression or attack, as in The debate team's plan was to keep their opponents on the defensive, or This teacher put students on the defensive about their mistakes. [c. 1600]
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on/onto the deˈfensive

acting in a way that shows that you expect to be attacked or criticized; having to defend yourself: Their questions about the money put her on the defensive.Warnings of an enemy attack forced the troops onto the defensive. OPPOSITE: on the offensive
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on the defensive

Prepared to withstand or counter aggression or attack.
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Quinn played a stellar game defensively for the Rams (6-0).
Yes Johnson is good going forward and Milner does a great job defensively.
Normally my players have been magnificent this season defensively and with the ball as well.
As we learned more about the 3-3, and as we evolved defensively, we discovered it was much easier to get into the Bear from the 3-3, and that the 3-3 had many inherent advantages over the 4-3.
The Niners have struggled defensively all year - opposing teams average 27.
Five goals conceded in the subsequent five league games suggests that defensively he has got the team back on the right track.
In a line of cases spanning several decades, however, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled on the constitutionality of such statutes when raised defensively by a property appraiser.
The Soviets think aggressively, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff remarks, while we think defensively.
Additionally, these leaders reveal their strategies for planning defensively, keeping abreast of change, and finding creative solutions in a variable area of law.
We have to do a better job defensively against him.
EDEN HAZARD has warned his Chelsea team-mates they must improve defensively against free-scoring Liverpool tomorrow night.
But he needs to learn from a more experienced defender who can show him how to be a bit smarter, a bit more aware defensively.
If we were a bad team defensively, because we don't work at it, then you would see that in every game we are involved in.
AITOR Karanka has defended his team and his tactics after being accused of playing defensively by Manuel Pellegrini.