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defend (oneself or someone) with (something)

To use something to protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. When John realized that a burglar was in the house, he tried to defend himself with a baseball bat.
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defend (someone or something) against (someone or something)

1. To protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. We will most certainly defend this castle against any invaders, my liege.
2. To argue in favor of someone or something in the face of opposition. How do you plan to defend him against such incriminating evidence?
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defend someone or something against someone or something

1. to stand against an attack; to provide a defense against attack. Don't worry, I will defend you against any muggers. We defended ourselves against the attack. The army defended the town against the enemy soldiers.
2. . to advocate the cause of someone or something against someone or something else. The lawyer defended her against the plaintiff. She defended the company against the suit.
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defend someone with something

to repel danger from someone with something. Here, defend yourself with this club. Mary defended herself with karate.
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for their Republican counterparts have refused to defend other state
Last week, the Daily News reported that contracts had been signed for Antonio Margarito to defend his World Boxing Organization welterweight belt against Paul "The Punisher" Williams.
Lionel Trilling, though not given to supernaturalism, sought to defend a culture ordered by intellect.
We use all of our choices to defend the pick and roll.
One-third of NORML's budget now comes from these conferences that are geared toward helping lawyers defend mid-level mobsters.
With the case of this poor and unfaithful priest in mind, we should reflect on the complicity of his bishop and of the Church of Quebec and her inability to defend herself against this open infiltration.
color) Bernard Hopkins is aiming to defend his middleweight title Saturday when he faces Felix Trinidad.
Our Self-Defending Network strategy is the Cisco vision for security to improve the ability of connected business processes to identify, defend and adapt to security threats," said Edison Peres, Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Worldwide Channels for Cisco Systems.
Also on the card, Zab Judah defends his IBF junior welterweight belt against Allan Vester, and hot lightweight prospect Francisco Bojado of L.
In the co-features, undefeated WBA Super Featherweight Champion Joel Casamayor defends against fellow unbeaten Radford Beasley, and WBA Cruiserweight Champion Fabrice Tiozzo will attempt to avenge his lone setback when he makes the fifth defense of his title against former WBA light heavyweight kingpin and current No.
Some other big fights this month: Vassiliy Jirov defends his IBF cruiserweight title against Saul Montana of Mexico on Saturday in Boise, Idaho, on Univision; WBC bantamweight champ Veerapol Sahaprom defends against Adan Vargas of Mexico the same night in Thailand; Angel Manfredy faces Sean Fletcher in a lightweight bout on Feb.
Hopkins defends title: Bernard Hopkins, one of boxing's most talented champions, defends his IBF middleweight belt Saturday in a rematch with Robert Allen in Atlantic City, N.
1 contender Byron Mitchell, and WBA North American Heavyweight Champion John Ruiz defends his crown for the second time as he battles Fernely Feliz.
Thursday: On pay-per-view, Genaro Hernandez defends his WBC super featherweight title against Carlos Hernandez at the Olympic Auditorium.