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defend (oneself or someone) with (something)

To use something to protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. When John realized that a burglar was in the house, he tried to defend himself with a baseball bat.
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defend (someone or something) against (someone or something)

1. To protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. We will most certainly defend this castle against any invaders, my liege.
2. To argue in favor of someone or something in the face of opposition. How do you plan to defend him against such incriminating evidence?
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defend someone or something against someone or something

1. to stand against an attack; to provide a defense against attack. Don't worry, I will defend you against any muggers. We defended ourselves against the attack. The army defended the town against the enemy soldiers.
2. . to advocate the cause of someone or something against someone or something else. The lawyer defended her against the plaintiff. She defended the company against the suit.
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defend someone with something

to repel danger from someone with something. Here, defend yourself with this club. Mary defended herself with karate.
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In the order, Beach directed the district defender, Stephen Reynolds, to create a waitlist for new indigent clients in need of public defender services and to determine the maximum-caseload capacity for each individual attorney in his office.
A report by the Sixth Amendment Center also found that public defenders in many of the 10 counties it examined were carrying too many cases, compared to national standards.
A third award normally presented at the Defense Community Dinner, the Service of Justice Award, won't be presented this year, said Monroe County Public Defender Tim Donaher.
Shed Defender is now looking for shelters, adoption and rescue groups, or service dog organizations to which it can donate these 1,000 slightly defective, yet still usable products.
It stars the people who helped create the world's most-loved 4x4s and Land Rover's pioneering technologies, from its Series Land Rover and Defender origins, to the introduction of the Range Rover in 1970 and Discovery in 1989.
Eight standard body colours include two satin finishes -- contrasting with a Santorini Black roof, wheel arches and front grille -- finished with machined aluminium door handles, fuel filler cap and Defender bonnet lettering.
There are Defender logos on the car, aluminium door handles and a fuel filler cap as well as a full lighting upgrade to include bi-LED headlamps.
With a 5.0-litre normally aspirated engine developing 405ps and 515 Nm of torque, the V8 Defender has a 0 to 60 time of 5.6 seconds and its top speed is restricted to 106mph.
Imran Takkar, a prominent human rights activist said Human Rights Defenders are at greater risk than ever today because powerful actors are responding to the interests of capitalist and really have no laws in place to protect human rights defenders.
Under the national policy guidelines NCHR pledges to assist where needed in any manner possible, all Human Rights Defenders individually and in groups in carrying out their core functions, which includes but is not limited to the dissemination on of information on human rights; investigating and documenting human rights violations; providing support to victims of human rights violations; taking appropriate legal actions against human rights perpetrators;
The Post asked Land Rover experts Charles Tennant and Mike Gould for their thoughts on the big unveiling, when it is likely to be and what the new Defender will be like.
Windows Defender now ranks number one on the best antivirus solutions from being called the worst antivirus in the past years.
Land Rover Classic is introducing a range of upgrades for older Defender models which deliver enhanced performance and on-road agility inspired by the exclusive limited-edition Defender Works V8 70th Edition.