defend against

defend (someone or something) against (someone or something)

1. To protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. We will most certainly defend this castle against any invaders, my liege.
2. To argue in favor of someone or something in the face of opposition. How do you plan to defend him against such incriminating evidence?
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defend someone or something against someone or something

1. to stand against an attack; to provide a defense against attack. Don't worry, I will defend you against any muggers. We defended ourselves against the attack. The army defended the town against the enemy soldiers.
2. . to advocate the cause of someone or something against someone or something else. The lawyer defended her against the plaintiff. She defended the company against the suit.
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References in classic literature ?
27-55) But the father of men and gods was forming another scheme in his heart, to beget one to defend against destruction gods and men who eat bread.
With the coming of the sun they saw they had stumbled upon a place where they might remain hidden from the Wieroos for a long time and also one that they could defend against these winged creatures, since the trees would shield them from an attack from above and also hamper the movements of the creatures should they attempt to follow them into the wood.
Speaking after his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday, Nauseda said the international allied battalion deployed in Lithuania in 2017 is a good measure to deter Russia but that would not be sufficient to defend against Moscow's attack.
According to him, the Alliance's key task is to defend against attacks.
In this year's NGFW group test, NSS Labs used its state-of-the-art attacks and evasions to evaluate the capability of products to defend against the latest threats on the live networks.
For years, the Pentagon reportedly investigated the matter, concluding that the space sensors are the country's only option to defend against Chinese and Russian hypersonic weapons.
"Enterprise organizations are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of endpoints and users accessing data and cloud resources, which is also increasing the need to defend against insider threats.
Who Nurmagomedov would defend against is another mystery.
Building on the combat-proven PAC-3, the PAC-3 MSE uses a two-pulse solid rocket motor that increases altitude and range to defend against evolving threats.
Summary: With 208 to defend against India, Philander said he knew he had to quickly take the responsibility of spearheading the South African pace battery
"It makes us more difficult to defend against because speed is the most difficult thing to defend against, and we need to use it.
The company said the acquisition enables it to provide solutions to C-Suite and senior executives that help them better visualise, understand and manage risks associated with the protection of sensitive data and defend against cybercrime.
However, he says while the market has several products to help companies defend against security threats, there aren't enough that prevent a malware or threat.
Since claiming the strap by beating Matt Korobov last December, the World champion has expressed a wish to give back to his native city and he looks set to the deliver on his promise He will defend against mandatory challenger Billy Joe Saunders at the home of Munster Rugby on September 19 according to the Boxing Union Of Ireland.