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defend (oneself or someone) with (something)

To use something to protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. When John realized that a burglar was in the house, he tried to defend himself with a baseball bat.
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defend (someone or something) against (someone or something)

1. To protect (someone or something) against a physical attack. We will most certainly defend this castle against any invaders, my liege.
2. To argue in favor of someone or something in the face of opposition. How do you plan to defend him against such incriminating evidence?
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defend someone or something against someone or something

1. to stand against an attack; to provide a defense against attack. Don't worry, I will defend you against any muggers. We defended ourselves against the attack. The army defended the town against the enemy soldiers.
2. . to advocate the cause of someone or something against someone or something else. The lawyer defended her against the plaintiff. She defended the company against the suit.
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defend someone with something

to repel danger from someone with something. Here, defend yourself with this club. Mary defended herself with karate.
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justify a failure to defend state statutes, attorneys general can cite
Does this restriction detract from the axiom that the duty to defend is broader than the duty to indemnify when only limited information can be used?
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota have adopted the majority approach of allowing extrinsic evidence, outside of the four corners of the complaint, to be used in determining if there is a duty to defend.
However, a few honeybee species can defend themselves by surrounding an invader.
The DEFEND finish also incorporates antimicrobial properties and imparts properties of a moisture barrier to the fabric for high liquid repellency, extending the fabric's life.
Only Sidney's Defence is primarily concerned to defend literature, and Spenser's defence of his poem (The Faerie Queene 4.
It is encouraging to hear Tate defend poetry as a way of knowing, and words as a necessary completion of human experience.
If we can't defend with four midfielders, four defenders and a goalkeeper there is something wrong.
The American Dietetic Association (ADA) publishes "Nutrition Fact Sheets" that defend fast foods, the fake fat olestra, and starch-filled baby foods.
The issues would be developed fully by the examiner, who would defend it to completion.
What is important today, in my judgment, is the need to defend a set of basic humanist principles and values and relate them to the present global situation.
Last March, Dole and Gingrich pushed missile defense even further into the spotlight when they introduced the Defend America Act of 1996.
If Company X chooses not to defend itself against a particular remediation liability, it estimates it would have to spend $10 million to clean up the site.