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defect from (something)

To desert something. I defected from my homeland after witnessing the atrocities carried out by the government.
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defect to (something)

To desert something in order to join something else. I defected to this country after witnessing the atrocities being carried out in my homeland.
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defect from something

to run away from something; to forsake something. Thousands of soldiers defected from the army. Roger would never think of defecting from the armed services.
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defect to something

to forsake one group and take up with another. Will he defect to the other side? David defected to a small East European country.
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The defection of Boris's right-hand man also shows "The defection of Boris's right-hand man also shows once again that UKIP is a party of Tory politicians, Tory policies and Tory money," the Labour MP added.
would use Peters' defection for propaganda purposes.
Military defections across the land border between the two Koreas are rare, with the last reported crossing by a North Korean soldier in 2010, and previous instances in 2008 and 2002.
The latest defections have dealt strong political and symbolic blows to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
Mohammad Otari, Mr Hijab's spokesman, said the minister was appointed about two months ago and started planning his defection at that time.
It would be an exaggeration to think that the defection of Riad Hijab is more than a symbolic incident, because the defections that might really affect the regime are those that might take place within its close family and sectarian circle; or those that might take place among the security officers who oversee the implementation of the military orders on the ground.
Syrian Diplomats for a Democratic and Civil State includes six or seven diplomats who have defected and others who are still in their positions, said Hosam Hafez, a Syrian diplomat who announced his defection 10 days ago and is acting as coordinator of the group unveiled on Monday.
Syria's FM says that the country's former ambassador to Iraq should be punished after his defection to the opposition seeking to overthrow President Bashar Assad.
One of the officials associated with the tyrant of Damascus rushed to say that the defection of Brigadier General Manaf Tlass "means nothing.
Un haut grade de l'armee syrienne, proche de la famille Assad et ami d'enfance du chef de l'Etat, a fait defection et se dirige vers Paris, a annonce hier vendredi a l'AFP une source proche du pouvoir a Damas, nouvelle confirmee par le ministre francais des Affaires Etrangeres.
That then was the highest-level defection of a government official since the March 15, 2011 start of the revolution.
Consumer backlash against bank fees, coupled with poor service and unmet customer expectations, has fueled increases in defection rates among customers of large, regional and midsize banks, according to the J.
Summary: A senior Syrian government minister has announced his defection from the regime in a video on a social network site.
Siderov explained the mass defection of Members of the Parliament from Ataka with the approaching fall presidential and local elections, saying the defection aims at making him angry and loosing ground.
It is the first reported defection among the elite troops, which have been the core of Saleh's hold on power despite three months of massive street protests and defections by some military and tribal allies.