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defect from (something)

To desert something. I defected from my homeland after witnessing the atrocities carried out by the government.
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defect to (something)

To desert something in order to join something else. I defected to this country after witnessing the atrocities being carried out in my homeland.
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defect from something

to run away from something; to forsake something. Thousands of soldiers defected from the army. Roger would never think of defecting from the armed services.
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defect to something

to forsake one group and take up with another. Will he defect to the other side? David defected to a small East European country.
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The same guards which protect us from disaster, defect, and enmity, defend us, if we will, from selfishness and fraud.
The basis of matrimonial bliss is secure, and all thy little defects and frailties are forgiven.
Birth Defect Research for Children, a national nonprofit founded in 1982, maintains the registry to collect data from parents on all kinds of structural birth defects and functional deficits including autistic spectrum disorders.
Opposing statements such as "50 to 80% of the end-of-the-line defect can be directly contributed to print defect" and "print defects can't be tied to any end-of-the-line defect reliably" are prevalent.
A 27-gauge needle was used to inject the implant into the subcutaneous tissues or into a subperiosteal plane at the nasal defect.
Testing showed that the defect was composed of an alloy of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum, embedded in a silicone matrix.
In the opposite limit of strong, large defects, the magnetization was expected to behave differently in different parts of the film, but it has not been clear what size defect was necessary for this local behavior to take place.
They may also require defect maps to guide downstream cartridge production.
0 was developed with an integrated defect management scheme that allows for a defect free user data space.
While the correction of a defect is required in each program, the sanction or required fee may differ greatly, depending on which program is chosen.
Suppliers agree that the choice boils down to the type of defect to be found at a given line speed and product width.
com/research/b9775a/roll_and_web_defec) has announced the addition of the "Roll and Web Defect Terminology, Second Edition" report to their offering.
One method to improve the defect rate is to focus on the gating system and look to how a slight augmentation to the system can eliminate inclusion errors.