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defect from (something)

To leave some place, often under repressive conditions and when it is prohibited. I defected from my homeland after witnessing the atrocities carried out by the government.
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defect to (something)

To leave some place, often under repressive conditions and when it is prohibited, and go to another place. I defected to this country after witnessing the atrocities being carried out in my homeland.
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defect from something

to run away from something; to forsake something. Thousands of soldiers defected from the army. Roger would never think of defecting from the armed services.
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defect to something

to forsake one group and take up with another. Will he defect to the other side? David defected to a small East European country.
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Second, this analysis could not separate infants with isolated defects from those with more than one major defect or those with a recognized syndrome.
In other words, the presence of a defect may not necessarily affect the strength of the part.
In general, the choice of options for lip reconstruction is based on the size, depth, and location of the defect.
During the past year, birth defects have received increased attention, as researchers at CDC and worldwide have been studying the relationship between Zika virus disease and congenital Zika syndrome (7).
Most operations count each component lead as a defect opportunity and the component itself as one defect opportunity.
Subtle defects of only a few millimeters can mean the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied patient.
In order to arrive at this conclusion, the company used two main analytical techniques to examine the defect region, including optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, coupled with energy dispersive spectroscopy.
The unsatisfactory nature of the existing theories led to a new theory that better explains the characteristics of the formation of the defect and offers additional routes for the prevention of the problem.
In the opposite limit of strong, large defects, the magnetization was expected to behave differently in different parts of the film, but it has not been clear what size defect was necessary for this local behavior to take place.
They may also require defect maps to guide downstream cartridge production.
0 was developed with an integrated defect management scheme that allows for a defect free user data space.
While the correction of a defect is required in each program, the sanction or required fee may differ greatly, depending on which program is chosen.
Suppliers agree that the choice boils down to the type of defect to be found at a given line speed and product width.