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in default of (something)

Due to the absence or lack of something; through the failure of something. Though it was only a speeding ticket, Janet was imprisoned in default of paying the fine. In default of concrete evidence, the jury was obligated to acquit the defendant of murder.
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default on (something)

To fail to repay a loan on something (which often results in the loss of that thing). If you default on your car loan, your car might get repossessed.
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default on something

to fail to act in some way regarding something, such as failing to make a payment, thereby losing one's right to the thing in question. You are not going to default on your loan, are you? She defaulted on her mortgage payments and lost the house.
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in default of

Through the failure, absence, or lack of, as in In default of a better solution, we'll have to make do with this one. This term was originally put as for default of, but John Gower had the current wording in Confessio Amantis (1397): "The fish, if it be dry, might in default of water die." [Late 1200s]
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by deˈfault

1 a game or competition can be won by default if there are no other competitors: The other team didn’t even turn up, so we won by default.
2 if something happens by default, it happens because you have not made any other decision or choices which would make things happen differently: It was never my ambition to get into teaching. I became a teacher more by default than by choice.
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in deˈfault of something

(formal) because of a lack of something: They accepted what he had said in default of any evidence to disprove it.
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in default of

Through the failure, absence, or lack of.
See also: default, of
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Other defaulters are also directed to make payment of their outstanding dues otherwise their power supply will be disconnected without further notice and will not be restored until payment of dues.
3, and it shows people who know defaulters have greater pessimism about the overall economy and home prices.
Sixty-seven percent of Owners and 52 percent of Renters who know defaulters say buying a home is a safe investment, compared to seventy percent of Owners and 52 percent of Renters who do not know defaulters.
As part of a national operation to clamp down on persistent defaulters, warrant officers from the North Wales Magistrates' Courts,backed by police officers, executed a string of arrest warrants.
Earlier, the government had said some banks have initiated the process of declaring debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines as wilful defaulter.
defaulters who are in debt to banks and investment firms.
The development comes close on the heels of United Bank of India having declared Mallya a defaulter.
While east and south Delhi municipal corporations are planning the auction at an initial level, NDMC has already attached 26 properties and 1,274 bank accounts in the last six months to recover pending property tax from defaulters.
Global Banking News-November 27, 2013--Central bank of Bangladesh asked to submit loan defaulters list(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
QUETTA -- An official of Quetta Electric Supply Company received injuries in attack by defaulters in Qila Abdullah District, on Wednesday.
A spokesman of the FESCO said here Saturday that among these defaulters including government departments, TMA Madina Town, TMA Lyallpur Town, TMA Iqbal Town, TMA Sargodha, TMA Issa Khail, TMA Chiniot and Livestock Department.
Reserve Bank of India deputy governor, KC Chakrabarty, has asked banks to cut the banking channels of wilful defaulters in order to curb the loss of assets.
RAWALPINDI -- - Town Municipal Administration (TMA) Rawal Town has issued notice to all the rent defaulters to pay the dues till June, 5 otherwise their shops will be sealed.
Taxation Officer Ulfat Shehzad has been directed to take strict action against the defaulters if the due payments are not cleared by the shopkeepers within stipulated time frame.
RAWALPINDI -- Water Bill Recovery department has issued notices to 16000 water bill defaulters and has directed them to submit their bills within 3 days upon receiving the notices.