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deface (something) with (something)

To intentionally mar the appearance of something by a particular means. I can't believe that someone defaced our beautiful storefront with graffiti!
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deface something with something

to mutilate or spoil the appearance of something with something. Someone defaced the wall with spray paint. Please don't deface the facilities.
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Chaedria LaBouvier founded Basquiat's Defacement: The Project (
The research presented in this paper was assembled to demonstrate the relationship between phishers and defacers, using the domains and timestamps in which phishing and defacement websites were reported.
Finally, if the defacement now under investigation was the work of black students, Harvard would be in an even more embarrassing predicament, argues Banzhaf.
They believe that the defacement is but an outcropping of shrouded, denied but pervasive bigotry abetted by an unwillingness to redress subtle vestiges of historical racial injustice.
West was charged with hindering a firefighter, assault with a dangerous weapon, threatening to commit a crime and defacement of property.
To see the defacement files, please click here , here and here .
Sergeant Delaney said, "It appears that the Eady brothers were at the wrong house and picked the wrong homeowner to threaten." Both brothers are now facing charges of armed burglary (although the defense claims they were unarmed), threat to murder, and defacement of real property.
A PHOTOGRAPHER has accused an arts centre of "defacement and censorship" after captions were removed from his exhibition on the landscape of Israel/Palestine.
Normally, website defacement is accomplished using static
10 -- Hackers from India and Pakistan have started a full-blown hacking and defacement online war which has affected over a dozen websites in both countries.
Separately, the State Bank also warned against defacement of currency notes.
These attacks are typically consisting of DDoS activity against publicly accessible webservers, website defacement efforts, or data exploitation.
About the passage of Prevention of Property Defacement Bill-2013, the minister said that the bill would curb the menace of wall chalking that has done colossal damage to the aesthetic beauty of the city.
The bill "Prevention of Defacement of Property Bill, 2013", aimed at making the wall of public and private properties in Sindh province free from graffiti, was presented by Sindh law minister Dr Sikandar Mandhro.
Chapter 3 uses the metaphor of 'Defacement' to describe exactly what Jonson in his anxiety of reception feared: 'defacement is the fear the writer has of his work (and thus his reputation) being misread, misapprehended and even perverted by the reader' (39).