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deface (something) with (something)

To intentionally mar the appearance of something by a particular means. I can't believe that someone defaced our beautiful storefront with graffiti!
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deface something with something

to mutilate or spoil the appearance of something with something. Someone defaced the wall with spray paint. Please don't deface the facilities.
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The research presented in this paper was assembled to demonstrate the relationship between phishers and defacers, using the domains and timestamps in which phishing and defacement websites were reported.
Although it is possible that the tape was applied by racist white law students as Harvard - according to its statement in the New York Times - seems to believe, many have suggested that it was more likely to have been a simple retaliation for one or both earlier defacements by black law students, says Banzhaf.
The bill calls for constituting an anti-property defacement taskforces.
Earlier this month, the same group uploaded a defacement page to the Eastern Railway subdomain of the official Indian Railways website.
The defacement also contained a link to a news report by The Nation on how the Myanmar government considered the Rohingya race to be illegal immigrants and had refused to grant them citizenship.
This criminal was responsible for the defacement of www.
I share this devotion because more defacement has been caused to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings in Liverpool and elsewhere by the refitting of inappropriate windows, than anything else.
html files with new files claiming that the defacement was "For Palestine.
Requiring only a solvent wipe cleaning or using a 3000-psi pressure washer to remove graffiti, the new coating is intended to protect bridges, overpasses, concrete fences and railcars, as well as commercial buildings, schools and transit stations, from defacement by spray paint and permanent marker.
EceLock[R] is a primer/sealer that is formulated with CleanGuard Biocide that has no VOC, a tow-odor and provides a broad-spectrum protection against degradation, discoloration and defacement caused by mold and mildew.
Securing Web sites against data theft, denial of service or defacement, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall blocks or cloaks attacks, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks or buffer overflows, while preventing outbound data leakage.
Stories like this disgraceful defacement of a much-loved national monument are common in this age of anti-social youth.
3M now offers protection to its customers' labels and graphics from various forms of intentional defacement with 3M Protective Overlaminate Graffiti Resistant Label Material 7248.