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deface (something) with (something)

To intentionally mar the appearance of something by a particular means. I can't believe that someone defaced our beautiful storefront with graffiti!
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deface something with something

to mutilate or spoil the appearance of something with something. Someone defaced the wall with spray paint. Please don't deface the facilities.
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38 caliber pistol with its serial number defaced, a large bag of marijuana, a digital scale and plastic sandwich bags, Kintz said.
The apex bank said that it would not make payments for mutilated, altered or defaced currency notes after the end of this year.
In March, the website of the Commission on Elections was defaced by a group of hacktivists who identified themselves as Anonymous Philippines.
Based on a universe of around 300 images of defaced posters and easels on the "I deface you" profile, photographs were selected according to criteria on technical quality, legibility, and representativeness.
Recently Malayalam films actor Mohanlal's official blog was hacked by a group called Pakistan cyber crime, in retaliation an Indian hackers group called "The Mallu soldiers" defaced the website of Pakistan's National University of Modern Languages.
The Israeli website published a list of 100 Israeli sites on the internet that had been defaced with anti-Israeli slogans.
Picture of defaced logo was making rounds at the Social Media provoking strong resentment and outrage among the public as well as the Jiyalas all over the country, which may prompt into country-wide protests in case an urgent action was not taken.
Qatar DNS hacked by Syrian Electronic Army -Facebook, Google Defaced Briefly The hackers successfully managed to change the DNS records of high profile websites and defaced them for about a day.
defaced an online recruiting site for the US Marine Corps by appealing to
DEFACED: This painting of the Queen by Ralph Heimans has been removed from Westminster Abbey after it was defaced
The embarrassed parents of a 15-year-old Chinese tourist offered their apologies to authorities after the teenager defaced a stone sculpture with graffiti in an ancient Egyptian temple.
A SECOND postbox painted gold in honour of an Olympic champion has been defaced.
ISLAMABAD -- In a continuing trend of attacks on websites in Pakistan, the website of political party Pakistan Muslim League - Quaid (PML-Q) was defaced by a hacker identifying himself as GiRl-RiD3r-H3x()r.
Meanwhile, Abigail Valte, spokesperson of President Benigno Aquino, said: "When a website of a government agency is defaced, we always send out a communication to all other agencies to make sure that their sites are secure.
WALL DEFACED Walkers pass the home-made plaque, above