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deface (something) with (something)

To intentionally mar the appearance of something by a particular means. I can't believe that someone defaced our beautiful storefront with graffiti!
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deface something with something

to mutilate or spoil the appearance of something with something. Someone defaced the wall with spray paint. Please don't deface the facilities.
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Chris Barlow, Labour councillor for Billingham North, tweeted an image of a Conservative campaign poster featuring candidates, Tony Riordan and Hilary Vickers, defaced with swastikas and Nazi slurs.
"Siguro mas ok na yung baguhin niyo yung .htaccess niyo." My advice to prevent being defaced, maybe it's better to change your .htaccess.
The memorial to PC Yvonne Fletcher - shot dead outside the Libyan embassy in 1984 - and the Canada memorial, which honours Canadian forces killed during the world wars, were also defaced.
Earlier a statue of the late leader was defaced in Ludhiana allegedly by members of Shiromani Akali Dal and in a separate incident, his name was smeared with black paint on a direction board in New Delhi.
The apex bank said that it would not make payments for mutilated, altered or defaced currency notes after the end of this year.
BMW defaced over Trump bumper sticker: Hours after Trump won 2016 presidential election last November, a Florida man's ( BMW was defaced with a spray paint over a bumper sticker bearing Trump's name.
Huwag maniwala sa ipinagkakalat ng isang news giant na paninira sa isang politiko, a statement on the defaced websites read.
" Message to the citizens of Bangladesh, your cricket team is nothing infront of us," wrote the hackers on each defaced site posting a picture of Dhoni.
A group of hackers, called Pakistani Cyber Attackers, defaced Hum TV's official website in protest against what they called vulgar' plays broadcast by the channel.
New Delhi -- The website of Indias National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur was hacked and defaced allegedly by Pakistani hacker Faisal Afzal, Indian media reported on Friday.
Menard said defaced bills may not circulate for as long and risk being rejected by retailers.
Pakistani hackers defaced the website of the Press Club of India (PCI) with a message on the website's home page claiming Pakistani origin.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pro-Palestinian hacktivists defaced and hacked more than 100 Israeli websites as well as several others belonging to Americans, the Israeli website Rotter claimed.
Most of the websites are defaced using handles like "StrikerRude", "KashmirCyberArmy", "PakCyber Expert", "Hunter Gujar" and the operation was termed as "#OP26jan".