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We offer the procedures for evaluation of technological parameters and the innovation potential, which is reflected in a number of papers (Mezhov, 2010; Mezhov, 2013; Mezhov, 2011; Mezhov, 2012), in particular, the constructive complexity of the product, the deepness of the innovation process, the innovation potential of the company may be evaluated based on questionnaire of a number of qualified experts in the sphere of science and production.
Sheikh Hamdan explained that choosing the Kingdom of Morocco to be the second stop of the mobile hospital assures the deepness of relations between both countries, pointing out that the mobile hospital, which was inaugurated in Missour region, will continue to provide affordable treatment programs, prevention training and awareness for six months besides sending medical convoys from the mobile hospital in the region to other areas in the country.
His sons have been discussing that they want to organise such a crisis and we thought not of such a scale and not of such a deepness," she told Al Jazeera in an interview on Tuesday.
Further expansion of reed communities in the lake on Paljassaare is not hindered by the deepness of the lake and waves developing on it.
Ill at ease, I fancied her insignificant in her cloister of eyes prone to deepness.
Lebanese magazine "Al-Kifah Al-Arabi" wrote about the book entitled "Violence against Women : between the Weight of Reality and the Consecration of Universal Values," published by Tunisia's AWO chairmanship, stressing the deepness of the prospective vision of the book preface written by Mrs.
Thus the oscillation between two- and three-dimensional space, surface and real and illusionistic deepness, is a mainstay of his work.
1], in equation (4) are significantly different from zero would suggest that the indicator can also assist in forecasting the deepness or strength of expenditure performance within regimes.
Of course, economically recoverable reserves are much lower, due to higher cost in comparison with conventional oil, thermal degradation, deepness and restrictions on land use.
The deepness of the vein, the proportions and the sharpening edges were essential (the sharpening edges must be slightly rounded to cut into the material, the depth of the vein has to be minimal).
Nine body colors are available - including the newly added Cattleya Mica Metallic - with each expressing the prestige that is Lexus through elegance, radiance and deepness of hue.
This preference by the artists can be explained in two ways: the limited colour scale in glazing or to achieve the effect of transparency and deepness.
16%; water deepness [approximately equal to] 7m--near slime, 21 m--on shipping channel; minimum water speed : 0,7 m/s--near slime, 1 m/s--on shipping channel.
However, economic recovery in member countries in the coming years will critically depend upon the deepness of the economic recession and their policy actions to revive their economies through effective socio-economic reforms.
12-14) The NREM phases vary by deepness of sleep (Stages 1 through 4), and REM is a unique phase.