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cried Georgiana, deeply hurt; at first reddening with momentary anger, but then bursting into tears.
To explain this conversation it must be mentioned that in the centre of Georgiana's left cheek there was a singular mark, deeply interwoven, as it were, with the texture and substance of her face.
So deeply did these reflections affect Georgiana that she laid her face upon the open volume and burst into tears.
My noble wife," said Aylmer, deeply moved, "I knew not the height and depth of your nature until now.
He saw the headmaster; he walked slowly down from the schoolhouse to his own, talking to a big boy who Philip supposed was in the sixth; he was little changed, tall, cadaverous, romantic as Philip remembered him, with the same wild eyes; but the black beard was streaked with gray now and the dark, sallow face was more deeply lined.
This incident agitated and disturbed me most unaccountably - unless you would account for it by saying that Cupid's arrows not only had been too sharp for me, but they were barbed and deeply rooted, and I had not yet been able to wrench them from my heart.
Already, at that time, the learned world was deeply interested in the labours of Professor Stangerson and his daughter.
Monsieur did not even hear me, he was so deeply absorbed in what he was doing.
He was always the saddest of the group, and even to my unpractised senses, he appeared to have suffered more deeply than his friends.
I deeply regret to tell you," he said, "that the law has proved too powerful for me.
It is no imputation upon him to say he has not, because young men who have plunged deeply into the frivolities and conventionalities of society, very seldom have.
Deeply sensible of the affection and confidence that have grown up between us, I add to this Preface, as I added to that, May we meet again!
Pickwick demanded his writing-desk, and pen and ink, and was deeply engaged during the whole day.
His parents were very hard- working and deeply religious people, but so poor that they lived with their five children in only two rooms.
In the words of a Russian critic, who seeks to explain the feeling inspired by Dostoevsky: "He was one of ourselves, a man of our blood and our bone, but one who has suffered and has seen so much more deeply than we have his insight impresses us as wisdom .