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get in deeper

1. To become increasingly involved in a particular situation. You say you don't want do business with them anymore, but here you are, ready to sign a new contract and get in deeper.
2. To worsen a particular situation. You've already insulted her, just shut your mouth before you get in deeper.
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run deeper than (something)

To be more firmly intrinsic, established, or integrated into the nature or character of someone or something than something else. A: "He's quite conceited, don't you think?" B: "I think it runs deeper than that. There seems to be a selfishness in him that's almost pathological." Unfortunately, the troubles in the small island nation run deeper than the issue of a few corrupt politicians.
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caught up in something

 and caught up with something
deeply involved with something; participating actively or closely in something. Wallace is caught up in his work and has little time for his son, Buxton.
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get in deeper

Fig. to get in more and more trouble; to get more deeply involved with someone or something. Every time he opened his mouth to complain, he just got in deeper.
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Many now consider that to go deeply digital is to be immersive, innovative, and nontraditional in the use of digital instructional technologies in teaching and learning.
They are deeply subordinated hybrid instruments, perpetual, and allow for optional coupon deferability.
I was deeply saddened by the news of death of Azerbaijani citizens in the Republican Drug Rehabilitation Center in Baku.
Now our future through children will be in doubt, I cried that day, it's affected me deeply and won't go away, I'm angry as hell and vengeful for blood.
She's probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.
"The chancellor's words stand on their own -- they were clear and comprehensible," her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, told a regular government news conference in Berlin on Monday, adding: "It was a deeply convinced trans-Atlanticist who spoke."
Speaking at the Open University, in Milton Keynes, he said: "I am deeply, deeply worried that the Labour Party is going to split.
Synopsis: Written by Abbe Rolnick with the assistance of Jim Wiggins, "Cocoon of Cancer: An Invitation To Love Deeply" is a book of inspiration for those diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers, and family.
He said officers were investigating the "deeply offensive" online abuse after he reported it to West Mercia Police.
"The reality is that when I listen to people I know that I'm listening to people for whom not just the issue of sexuality but the whole way in which the Church lives and exists and reaches out to people, what it looks like to be a holy church, is something on which they feel passionately and are deeply, deeply, deeply disagreeing."
ALONG with my Conservative colleagues on Calderdale Council I am deeply angry at the decision not to remove unpopular parking charges despite having found the money in the council budget to do so.
Sydney (AFP) -- Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday called Russia's response to the downing of a Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine ''deeply, deeply unsatisfactory''.
Summary: US President Barack Obama said he was "deeply humbled" by a visit Sunday to the ...
Global Banking News-May 17, 2013--IMF said to be deeply concerned about bailout of Cyprus(C)2013 ENPublishing -