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We think deeper learning builds on the earlier 21st century skills concept, and recognizes that students today need preparation that goes beyond memorization of content and principles," says Lydia Dobyns, CEO and president of the nonprofit New Tech Network, which was founded in 1996 and works with districts to design deeper learning schools.
You don't have to be a professional fisherman or an IT geek, anyone can use and enjoy Deeper "- says Rolandas Sereika, Deeper Chief Marketing Officer.
Stating that England batsmen crawled into the cave and just got deeper and deeper until there was no way out, Botham further said that instead of making a crucial big first innings score and continuing their play, England however, stopped scoring runs and lost their momentum, adding that it is beyond him how the side let Nathan Lyon bowl over after over without even threatening to score against him.
Any shallow cut - whatever it's made with - hurts more than a deeper one be cause it remains open.
1 The name of the organisation is The Deeper Christian Life Ministry and shall be commonly known or called Deeper Christian Life Ministry or Deeper Life Ministry or DCLM.
24) initially quotes Doug Leonard's explanation that "one does not see deeper into an object using polarimetry" Later, the story says that "polarization studies viewed deeper and deeper layers of the explosion.
A call to action often comes through deeper awareness.
Capturing the reader, Noble Vision is a the chilling suspense story of an intricate plot only thickening by as the author explores deeper and deeper into the lives and minds of the characters.
As he reveals more, GT draws Errol deeper into dangerous territory and gives him knowledge that makes him a wanted man.
The camera pans the exteriors, ventures deeper inside, and then backs away, a structure echoing the familiar sci-fi trope of arrival on a seemingly deserted planet.
There are references to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and much of this novel has a dreamlike quality to it, as Anooshka journeys deeper and deeper into her obsession.
The BAMWSP data could also be useful by guiding the installation of community wells to those deeper aquifers that are low in As.
Going deeper: The Angels would like John Lackey to get deeper into the game and avoid the big inning in his fifth start today.
Professor Glendon also referred to an even deeper spiritual crisis in the Western world, identified by John Paul II as a loss of hope stemming from "an attempt to promote a vision of man apart from God and apart from Christ.