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Jason Bedford: I'd like to start with a definition of deeper learning as provided by the Alliance for Excellent Education: "Deeper learning is simply what highly effective educators have always provided--the delivery of rich core content to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn and then apply what they have learned.
Thus, patients opt for other systems that provide a deeper connection.
2 This constitution being Bible-based shall have binding force and application on all the members and bodies of Deeper Christian Life Ministry for whom it is hereby made, enacted and given to.
As he reveals more, GT draws Errol deeper into dangerous territory and gives him knowledge that makes him a wanted man.
Despite this, the pilings that anchored the structure, according to a report in the New York Times on October 24, were anchored no deeper than 17 feet.
The camera pans the exteriors, ventures deeper inside, and then backs away, a structure echoing the familiar sci-fi trope of arrival on a seemingly deserted planet.
There are references to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and much of this novel has a dreamlike quality to it, as Anooshka journeys deeper and deeper into her obsession.
The BAMWSP data could also be useful by guiding the installation of community wells to those deeper aquifers that are low in As.
Going deeper: The Angels would like John Lackey to get deeper into the game and avoid the big inning in his fifth start today.
Professor Glendon also referred to an even deeper spiritual crisis in the Western world, identified by John Paul II as a loss of hope stemming from "an attempt to promote a vision of man apart from God and apart from Christ.
The buyer may feel that it can quantify the potential fines, but if the industry is sensitive to such scandal, the buyer may want to look deeper to determine the pervasiveness of the alleged misconduct.
Deep within, deeper than any discouragement or defeat, deeper than any regret or resignation, there lie the beauty and the joy of a life well lived.
They use a special water-cooled screw design that is unusual in having a shallower flight in the feed zone, followed by a deeper flight in the metering zone.
From novice to advanced yogi, partner yoga may be for you if you'd like to unfold your heart, unclench your body, undo effort, unguard, shine as love's light, open deeper, trust, offer your deep presence, breathe fully, feel outward, be alive .
For example, though it's based on the Accord platform, the TL is a significantly wider vehicle and its exterior panels need a much deeper draw than that of the base car, in some cases up to 40mm deeper--a veritable abyss in stamping terms.