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deep-six (someone or something)

To eliminate or dispose of someone or something. A reference to the standard six-foot depth of a grave. The studio decided to deep-six the film after its budget began getting out of hand. The president deep-sixed his chief of staff after it came to light that she had lied about her education.

deep-six someone or something

Sl. to get rid of someone or something; to dispose of someone or something. (Refers originally to burying someone or something six feet deep, the standard depth of a grave.) Take this horrible food out and deep-six it. That guy is a pain. Deep-six him so the cops will never find him.
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When he's not chasing beggars, condemning traditional "pagan" practices, chastising his wives, dispensing summary justice with the menfolk or teaching by rote in his Islamic school while deep-sixing plans for a secular one, Majid wiles away the hours smoking his hookah or having his legs massaged by his first wife amid her endless round of chores.
Several sources described receiving threats of delays or the deep-sixing of other measures desired by their groups should they oppose the City's typically esoteric maneuvers.
If anything, director-screenwriter Mark Herman has raised her octane grade for the film, deep-sixing L.
That's a huge story, and it deserved follow-up, not deep-sixing.
He calculated that it would be feasible to fertilize the ocean on a massive scale, eventually drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and deep-sixing the greenhouse gas into the nether reaches of the ocean.
Revamping welfare (a smidgen of the federal budget) and deep-sixing HUD will neither raise wages nor improve on-the-job benefits.
Broadway, is deep-sixing its Saturday dance night - at least for the month of December, booking agent Keith Martin said.