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deep six

1. noun Death or burial at sea. Likely a reference to six fathoms of water being the standard depth at which to bury bodies at sea. Usually used in the forms "get the deep six" or "give someone the deep six." We were all afraid we'd be getting the deep six when our boat was caught in that huge storm. I'm been a sailor all my life, so when my time comes, please give me the deep six out in the Pacific.
2. noun Death in general; the grave. A reference to the standard six-foot depth of a grave. I'm starting to fear that our key witness may have been given the deep six at the hands of the mob. We are all heading for the deep six eventually, so you may as well make the most of the time you're given.
3. noun By extension, a rejection, disposal, or elimination (of someone or something. The studio decided to give the film the deep six after its budget began getting out of hand. The president's chief of staff got the deep six after it came to light that she had lied about her qualifications. After nearly 30 years of service, fabled warship is finally getting the deep six.
4. verb To reject, dispose of, or eliminate (someone or something). We're going to have to deep six this whole thing if it doesn't start coming together soon. The director just announced that we're deep sixing our moonshots program.
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deep-six (someone or something)

To eliminate or dispose of someone or something. A reference to the standard six-foot depth of a grave. The studio decided to deep-six the film after its budget began getting out of hand. The president deep-sixed his chief of staff after it came to light that she had lied about her education.
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deep-six someone or something

Sl. to get rid of someone or something; to dispose of someone or something. (Refers originally to burying someone or something six feet deep, the standard depth of a grave.) Take this horrible food out and deep-six it. That guy is a pain. Deep-six him so the cops will never find him.
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deep-six, to

To abandon, reject, or otherwise get rid of. This slangy term dates from the mid-1900s and originated in the navy, where it meant throwing something or someone overboard. The “six” refers to the six-foot nautical fathom, the standard unit of measurement for sea depth. It soon was adopted into civilian language, as in an editorial about Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s chances for national office: “I’d deep-six the joke [he tells] about the wily old farmer who pretends he’s feeding an alligator in order to scare some naked coeds out of a swimming hole” (Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe, March 11, 2005).
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They contend that the new rules pressure them to hire employees based on race or gender, which was one of-the reasons the old rules were deep-sixed. The commission responds with the argument that the new rules are guidelines and punishment for non-fulfillment is not likely.
A journalists' group is the first to answer a call to help save a Denver college newspaper that was deep-sixed as a result of budget cuts.
(Isn't that obvious?) Packwood claimed that he had deep-sixed those lines merely because they were "personal about fellow senators." Republicans on the panel wouldn't touch the subject.
O'Leary deep-sixed the plan and punished the staff members who proposed it.
To his surprise, five lenders deep-sixed his application, and even his long-standing personal and business banker said no.
While some of the VA hospitals would be closed under such a plan (do Boston and Chicago really need four VA units when their community hospitals are one-quarter to one-third empty?), others would be converted to community hospitals, which could serve non-veterans as well as vets, just like the pilot program in the South that was deep-sixed this winter.
After teaching the course for three years out of the text and using classic PR case studies from the 1980s, such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill and Tylenol tampering, I deep-sixed the book because it was no longer relevant to modern PR.
Nagising sa pagka-gupiling (woke up from a state of prostration), and in the end we shafted and deep-sixed the insensitive and far-from-contrite Bongbong so dismissive of gross human rights violations and in denial about Marcosian kleptocracy.
Comments with profanity, threats, personal attacks or other language intended to offend get deep-sixed.
Capable leaders of county government would recognize that big pay increases for themselves would send precisely the wrong signal at precisely the wrong time, and proposals for raises would be deep-sixed before anyone heard about them.
Cherone is paralyzed and desensitized by the bombardment of Internet hookups, free downloads, sound bites and streaming video on the Xbox-bashing, iPod-infuriating, YouTube-tearing shuffle "Comfortably Dumb." There's nothing comfortable or dumb about the proceedings on this edgy, uneasy and smart angst-rocker that certainly shows a kinship to grunge rock (minus some of the fuzz and dissonance), the genre that deep-sixed the heavy-metal hair bands.
Like A&E and Bravo when they deep-sixed arts in the '90s, Drain predicts, Ovation will start programming to "the lowest common denominator."
In Staten Island, one small strip mall was deep-sixed after a group of homeowners rallied the newspapers and local officials.
As for Opus, last week Breathed delivered a message via the Los Angleles Times for fans who were worried that the penguin was deep-sixed much like Tony Soprano was made to sleep with the fishes.
However, just when she thinks he may be marriage material, Shogo is deep-sixed in a hit-and-run accident.