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deep-six (someone or something)

To eliminate or dispose of someone or something. A reference to the standard six-foot depth of a grave. The studio decided to deep-six the film after its budget began getting out of hand. The president deep-sixed his chief of staff after it came to light that she had lied about her education.

deep-six someone or something

Sl. to get rid of someone or something; to dispose of someone or something. (Refers originally to burying someone or something six feet deep, the standard depth of a grave.) Take this horrible food out and deep-six it. That guy is a pain. Deep-six him so the cops will never find him.
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Bush announced plans to deep-six the position of liaison to the gay and lesbian community, created by President Clinton.
Tom Brislin, a University of Hawaii journalism professor, said that he expects the owners to prevail in their motion and eventually find a way to deep-six the paper - perhaps within a year.
The quota for Hispanic women is not an ad hoc rule specifically designed to deep-six her candidacy.
LG Electronics' decision to deep-six its Goldstar 3DO interactive multi-player has come as no particular surprise to anyone in the industry.
He attributed part of the surge in popularity of gaming consoles to new developments such as the Kinect sensor for the Xbox which enables gamers to deep-six physical tools such as mousse and controllers and use only their bodies to navigate their way through gaming adventures.
This is not well thought out and you should deep-six it," said Sandra Katz, president of the Worcester Property Owners Association.
Most X-fans could easily come up with a short list of mutants they'd like to deep-six.
So, clearly the Holy See was insisting that they wanted good translations and that they were fully prepared to deep-six any substandard work.
Hollywood cheered the move, even as showbiz unions have been split over a countervailing tariff petition filed in Washington, with opponents such as the DGA, IATSE and AFTRA worried the petition could deep-six any chances for federal wage-based tax-credit legislation.
It's unknown what will happen as a result of the September trial, and some staffers worry that the dailies' owners will find another way to deep-six the Star-Bulletin.
Clinton could withhold various federal funds from school systems that deep-six affirmative action, for starters.
Given the producers' limited imaginations, Loquatia should do a Hal and deep-six these knuckleheads, then head off to join the Federation.
In trying to convince the Arlington County planning board to deep-six the Home Depot, which would be built on a now-abandoned Sears site, the citizens' group took such steps as filming a video about a Baltimore neighborhood that it claims was ruined by a Home Depot, including interviews with disgruntled locals.
The close presence of humans presents both opportunities (proximity to food) and dangers (an uptight career woman, voiced by Allison Janney, hires Thomas Haden Church's ``Verminator'' to deep-six the animals).
8 billion from the Strategic Defense Initiative and deep-six the Trident II nuclear ballistic missile.