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He was not a deep thinker. He had no faith in new theories.
In short, silent and uncommunicative as he was, he was looked upon as a deep thinker, and perhaps, said the admiring circle, he would some day become deputy of the eighth arrondissement.
Truly, we are deep thinkers, we are ambitious spirits!
As a fair, honest and deep thinker, he earned the trust of several village presidents and boards.
We follow him because the man is a deep thinker. We follow Asiwaju because he values us without measure,' he added.
"Everyone I spoke to about Al West said the same things: unconventional, innovative, deep thinker, intuitive, authentic, visionary."
Fitzgerald, who was capped 34 times by Ireland and played on the 2009 Lions tour before retiring in 2016 because of a career-ending neck injury, said: "Warren is a deep thinker and I know for a fact he's the only coach that gets under Joe Schmidt's skin.
Ree Connell, a graduate of RMIT University, said that ( Prince William is more like Prince Charles in the sense that he is quiet, reflective, reserved, and is also a deep thinker. Prince Harry is the more outgoing one of the brothers and he is also a bit cheeky.
Deep thinker Catriona Thomson, Killearn, took this at Loch Achray
SPORTS BOOK REVIEW'S TOP 20 CHRISTMAS SELECTION 2018 (Week Two: Books 15-11) 15) No Spin, by Shane Warne with Mark Nicholas (Published October 2018) Shane Warne is not renowned as a deep thinker, but this ghosted autobiography reiterates his approach to cricket and, you suspect, life.
Faisal Mushtaq and the college managementfor developing deep thinker and critical analyzers in his students.
"I'm a long way from family back home in Birmingham and I'm a bit of a deep thinker. A lot of stuff comes out in the form of rapping and song lyrics.
He called it "gangster" while McGregor's coach John Kavanagh noted Jnr, who turns one today, is a "deep thinker, like the old man".