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deem it necessary

To determine that something is necessary. I didn't deem it necessary to give the boys detention because having their shirts untucked isn't a very serious infraction.
See also: deem, necessary

deem it to be necessary

To determine that something is necessary. I didn't deem it to be necessary to give the boys detention because having their shirts untucked isn't a very serious infraction.
See also: deem, necessary, to

deem that it is necessary

To determine that something is necessary. I deemed that it was it necessary to give the boys detention because they kept disrupting my class.
See also: deem, necessary, that
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deem it (to be) necessary

 and deem that it is necessary
to decide that something is necessary. Mary deemed that it was necessary to leave town that night. Lisa deemed it necessary to go home.
See also: deem, necessary
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The proposed rule to limit the surplus available for a section 93 deemed dividend election has been dropped in the February 2004 proposals.
The FIE Rules may also result in FAPI to a CFA of a Canadian taxpayer, as a CFA is deemed to be a Canadian taxpayer for purposes of applying the FIE Rules.
In addition, draft subsection 94(3) of the Act applies for the purpose of the NRE definition (and other specified purposes) to deem certain non-resident trusts to be resident in Canada if a person resident in Canada has made a direct or indirect investment in the trust.
In many cases in which a specific rollover provision (subsection 88(3) or paragraphs 95(2)(c), (d) or (e)) does not apply, the proposal (in proposed subsection 93(1.4) of the Act) would deem the shares transferred to be outside the definition of "excluded property." Consequently, any gain realized by an affiliate on the disposition of the shares (in excess of the amount eligible for a section 93 deemed dividend election) would create FAPI (foreign accrual property income), which is taxed immediately in the hands of the Canadian shareholder if the affiliate is a controlled foreign affiliate.
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In the case of a supply of intangible property (i.e., supply of a right to use new technology), there are no overriding rules such as paragraph 168(3)(a) to deem the tax to become payable or subsection 168(6) to defer the valuation of consideration to the time value is ascertainable.
Deemed income is added to a recipient's social security assessable income from all other sources and the total is then used to calculate the rate of social security entitlement under the income test.