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By KALUME KAZUNGU After 56 years of waiting, members of the Boni minority group who live in Lamu County have finally received title deeds for their land.On Tuesday, the Lamu County government issued a total of 6,232 title deeds to residents of ten villages in the region, out of which 3,232 went to the Boni.
Last May, President Uhuru Kenyatta issued 50,000 title deeds to the residents of Eastlands in a move aimed at unlocking more than Sh20 billion through business and investment.
Parties to life estate and enhanced life estate deeds should be especially mindful of documentary stamp taxes owed for the transfer of interest in these deeds and the necessity for all remaindermen to participate in the conveyance of the subject real property.
As the $6 million lawsuit advanced, the Deeds family dropped the state mental health agency as a defendant.
He also alleged that hundreds of deeds over which Mr Shams raised objections were lying at his residence and he was receiving bribe through Shah to clear those deeds.
A special courier was employed to dispatch trust deeds and for this purpose, services of Brig Nauman were hired,' he said.
Moreover, the deeds clipped with eyelets were appeared to be removed with some instrument and re-locked again.
Rey demanded the return of the Deed of Sale when Mon failed to pay the purchase price after the lapse of the one-month period.
The post Feeling misled by the government on title deeds appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Generally, lenders across the country have been wary to accept deeds in lieu where junior liens existed on the title, such as a mechanic's lien or a second mortgage.
Now, sometimes the title deeds for a property simply cannot be traced.
Without doubt, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) left a telling reminder of the importance of good deeds just before his departure, providing a huge incentive for Muslims to constantly engage in good deeds and ward off bad behavior.
The number of pending applications for title deeds is down to 20,000, according to the Land and Surveys Department and the aim is by the end of 2014 to have no more than 2,000 title deeds pending.
Creigh Deeds, the Virginia state senator whose mentally ill adult son attacked him before killing himself, called mental health reform he helped push through the state's General Assembly in the wake of the tragedy ''incremental change.''