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Miller of Dee

A person who lives alone or independently from others, usually for selfish reasons. Originates from the English folk song Miller of Dee. Primarily heard in UK. Dan was quickly labeled the miller of Dee because of his carefree, bachelor lifestyle.
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tweedledee and tweedledum

Any two people very similar in appearance, manner, or behavior, especially those who are or act particularly oafish or foolish. A reference to the names of two fictional twins in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. It's a wonder we have any nice things at all with tweedledee and tweedledum over there running around the house knocking into everything. Most of the world sees our two countries as tweedledee and tweedledum, but we generally hate being lumped in with our boorish neighbors to the south.
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For example, the "mammary madness" of the decade as embodied by stars like Marilyn Monroe and her imitators, such as Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren, is as much a part of the iconography of the fifties as are Dee and her adult version, Doris Day.
Before Memorials was published in September 1577, Dee embarked on his next major imperial writing.
A significant difference between Mama and Dee is that Mama has this capacity to risk.
And luckily for Dee, Pru also learnt to obey commands.
The order of operations was unclear to Dee afterward, since some were combined: nose job, bones under the eyebrows ground down, hairline moved forward, jaw pointed, lip scar fixed, eyebrows lifted, breasts augmented, tummy tucked.
Severn Trent said that Dee Valley is a natural as it operates in neighbouring areas in England and Wales.
Security of tenure simply means that you do not remove any employees without just cause and without following a process, you know,' said Dee.
Her lawyer said the 29-yearold had been traumatised by that raid and that the attack on Dee was "extraordinary" given her good character.
Dee Dee, who previously worked as a nightclub manageress and a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, then turned her idea into a business plan for her PS2.
Entry will cost pounds 1 with all proceeds covering the cost of a plaque for Dee at the park, with donations also being taken for the charity Carlisle House.
Jay Dee was reportedly on "trial separation with publicist Louise McCole, with whom he has two daughters.
Dick and Dee Dee were never big rock 'n' roll stars never had a No.
Nicholas Clulee, whose own work began to question the Hermetic Dee fashioned by Yates, starts off this collection with a useful summary of this critique and with some reflections on how recent reassessments of the Scientific Revolution may alter our perspectives on Dee's career and canon.
Vinyl Highway Dee Dee Phelps Altergate Publishing 816 Haverford Avenue, Suite 2, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 9781934321751, $16.
The evening was topped off, not only by the Ric Mango orchestra, but also by the rock group headed by Joe Dee.