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deduce (something) from (something)

To infer information from something. Oh, I deduced from her disinterested tone that she wouldn't be joining us today. A: "Did you know he wasn't coming?" B: "I deduced that when I saw you pull up alone."
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deduce something from something

to infer or conclude something from a set of facts. Can I deduce a bit of anger from your remarks? I deduce nothing from everything I have heard today.
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A more sophisticated analysis of these data relies on the application of statistical and error-correction techniques to extract information useful for deducing secret keys.
Before deducing the extragalactic glow, Hauser's team had to estimate and subtract two local infrared signals--radiation from interplanetary dust in the solar system and from dust and stars within the Milky Way galaxy.
In the Ajtai-Dwork cryptosystem, deducing the private key to find the hyperplanes and decipher a message implies the ability to solve the shortest-vector problem in high dimensions--something that has so far proved extremely difficult to do.
Sometimes, deducing an ancient creature's diet is as simple as looking at its teeth.