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Regarding the validation sample, the IHD, (I-S) value, and the deduced IHD from the abovementioned formula are represented in Table 3.
The conformity of the deduced value with the observed value is described below.
Its justification or `foundation' is related to the possibility of going back to its origin -- to the premises from which it is deduced -- and of seeing their epistemic specificities, i.e.
Without that constancy, the universe could be quite different from the description that scientists have deduced so far.
The energy of activation of cure was deduced using Arrehenius kinetics.
So, Hawking deduced that information would disappear with the black hole.
That knowledge, in turn, permits the age of other murals to be deduced from the alignment of their magnetite particles.
Using theoretical calculations, as well as experimental data, researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles deduced the configuration of all the electrons in the molecule.
Guided by known vertebrate steroid receptors and the new mollusk receptor, the team then deduced a probable amino acid sequence for the ancestral protein in both vertebrates and invertebrates.
By measuring the width of the magnesium-ion emission line, Chris Willott of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics in Victoria, Canada, and his colleagues deduced the disk's velocity, enabling them to calculate the black hole's mass.
Combining this information with the amount of light emitted over a broad range of wavelengths, the researchers deduced the total mass of the stars in each galaxy.
Researchers deduced that dust must encircle such stars, soaking up the stars' ultraviolet and visible light and reradiating the energy at longer, infrared wavelengths.
Intrigued, the researchers deduced what the amino acid sequence of the protein might be if the pseudogene didn't have the flaw.
From these, they deduced that the proteins interrupt a cascade of cholesterol-building events by physically blocking the binding site of an enzyme called HMGR.
If many pulsars are older than their so-called characteristic age--the age deduced from their spin rate--theorists may have to revise models describing the stability and survival of such extremely dense matter.