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deduce (something) from (something)

To infer information from something. Oh, I deduced from her disinterested tone that she wouldn't be joining us today. A: "Did you know he wasn't coming?" B: "I deduced that when I saw you pull up alone."
See also: deduce

deduce something from something

to infer or conclude something from a set of facts. Can I deduce a bit of anger from your remarks? I deduce nothing from everything I have heard today.
See also: deduce
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n,1] < n + 71, now using the previous inequality and (4), then it becomes trivial to deduce that statement Z([x.
For that, let n + 11; recalling that in particular n is of type 37, clearly (by using the definition of type 37), n [equivalent to] 0 mod(37) and using the previous congruence, we immediately deduce that
In the Spanish chest episode, he must deduce who committed the murder and how the body got into the chest.
From Prince's Big-page book of two-page color photo spreads, we, as aliens, would deduce (and probably not incorrectly) that a large deep portion of the human experience is spent engaged in reproduction and day-dreams of reproduction, in murder and dreams of murder - with a goodly amount of remainder time devoted to seeking extreme stimulation of one sort or another.
Readers can deduce where they have to catch up with the regional benchmark and how trends like STP are evolving," says Kevin Bradshaw, Managing Director, Enterprise Information, Reuters Group plc.
Although dark matter halos can't be directly seen, astronomers can deduce the presence of this material by the extent to which its mass bends the light of background galaxies.
How does one deduce the shape and size of the object giving rise to the observed image?
It has a corner market, a post office, an auto repair shop and a nursery, but, as one might deduce from a castle and 4-1/2-foot-high doorways, this is no ordinary village's Main Street.
This method uses the times of arrival of response signals from the responding tag to a set of readers to deduce the position of the asset.
The cost-to-serve model has been used to deduce benefits associated with four best practice opportunities.
By using cosmological models to estimate the density of the background photons from the X-ray data, researchers can deduce the composition and energies of the charged particles in the high-speed jet.
Scientists can deduce that wherever they find snakehead fossils, the climate must have been humid at the time the fish lived there, she says.
Banks can deduce where they have to catch up with their regional benchmark and how trends like ISO 20022, STP and Reconciliation are evolving," concludes Buchberger.
From that motion, the astronomers could deduce only that the star--designated as S025300.
Key points in the analysis are to deduce trends in HCV drug development, evaluate all major drug targets and outline country-by-country efforts in HCV.