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deduce (something) from (something)

To infer information from something. Oh, I deduced from her disinterested tone that she wouldn't be joining us today.
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deduce something from something

to infer or conclude something from a set of facts. Can I deduce a bit of anger from your remarks? I deduce nothing from everything I have heard today.
See also: deduce
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Again, I deduce from the context that it means 2013 - ie.
Indeed, using the definition of MH(n, 1), we immediately deduce that for every integer n [greater than or equal to] [M.
In general, I deduce from the findings above that corpus-based information, if conveniently exploited in class, provides a positive output for oral language development.
Yet if the contents of Vormstein's art-history bookshelves are easy to deduce, his art amounts to more than either critical pilfering or respectful tribute.
In the middle of the night Holmes wakes his friend and says: "Watson, look up and tell me what you deduce.
By combining wood density and fiber coarseness and by assuming that the density of the fiber wall is constant, the authors were able to deduce an exact mathematical expression for fiber wall thickness and fiber diameter.
I think marketing analyst Bill Doyle would probably deduce that the black people who go to NASCAR races are really there for the fried chicken and watermelon served at the concession stands; Hispanics, because they can relate to pimping out their cars with decals and driving fast; and Jews, because they love competition and can take advantage of a possible financial gain in placing bets ["Gaytona Speed-way," June 24].
The objective is to acquire a package of data from dif-ferent sensors in order to deduce information about the microstructure of the clay filler particles, and to determine if aggregate clay has dispersed and exfoliated into small nanosize particles within the polymer matrix.
Therefore, the otolaryngologist cannot deduce that there is no vestibular function solely on the basis of a caloric examination.
However, I am not convinced that she can deduce from her evidence how much "the consciousness of real social grievances was a by-product of the struggle to define and control a wider, and more open, political arena" (67), although this struggle surely helped to hone this consciousness.
First abstract an ideal economy and deduce some conclusions about it from accumulated theories of background knowledge.
People often try to deduce too much information from too small a sample," van Nostrand says.
The first in the line, in stores Friday, is the Facial Reconstruction Kit, which allows the investigator to deduce facial features from a victim's skull and identify the killer from a series of clues.
A forward solution (calculation of SCM signal from a dopant profile) was used to calculate a calibration curve, which could then be used to deduce dopant profiles with spatial resolution of about 20 nm.