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dedicate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

1. To devote oneself to a particular course of action. Once I had recovered from my injury, I dedicated myself to training for the marathon again.
2. To allocate someone or something to a particular cause. Luckily, Carrie dedicated these interns to us, so the mailing shouldn't take all day.
3. To show one's affection for someone by naming them, as at the beginning of a book. Of course I dedicated my novel to wife, to show my appreciation for her unwavering support.
4. To commit or pledge something to a religious entity or intention. Our church recently dedicated a beautiful shrine to Mary.
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dedicate someone or something to someone or something

1. to reserve someone or something for the use of someone or something. The manager dedicated new assistants to the exclusive use of the legal department. The committee dedicated a corner in the library to books on agriculture.
2. to pledge someone or something to someone, something, a deity, or religious purposes. The elders dedicated the building to the glory of God. He dedicated himself to the prosecution of justice.
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dedicate to

1. To address or inscribe something to someone as a mark of respect or affection: The author dedicated the book to her nephew. This monument is dedicated to prisoners of war.
2. To set something apart for some deity or for religious use; consecrate something: The parish dedicated the new church to St. Peter. The temple was dedicated to Ra, the Egyptian sun god.
3. To set something apart for some special use: The convention organizers have dedicated this table to publishers who want to sell their books. This lane of traffic is dedicated to city buses.
4. To commit someone to some course of thought or action: The candidate dedicated herself to fixing social security. The mayor is dedicated to lowering taxes.
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63-64), who suggests that this local hero protected the community in war, hence the representation of the dedicator as a warrior.
Bone morphogenetic protein 4 promotes vascular smooth muscle contractility by activating microRNA-21 (miR-21), which down-regulates expression of family of dedicator of cytokinesis (DOCK) proteins.
(35) To spell out the significance of the dedicator's African origin: the goddess Tanit, given the Roman name Juno Caelestis, was the presiding deity of Carthage and of Roman Africa generally.
The relationships I have found for the women in the whole collection are: Arranger, Author of the text or librettist, Editor, Dedicator, Dedicatee, Publisher, Performer, Honouree, Owner and when the relation is not clear I have coded it as Other.
Since the three plinth cuttings are equally spaced over the top surface of the base, they may have comprised the original dedication, to which a bronze quadruped statuette without a plinth was later added by a second dedicator, Diphilos.
Those printers made it clear that there are "those who dedicate and those who make gifts both through their liberality and their courtesy," and those who made gifts received an impression of the dedicated print "on paper, or on satin or taffeta or other material as we are used to doing, and which is commonly done by everyone."(49) The person receiving the dedication may respond, or may have already responded with a financial gift or less tangible favor that could be directly related to the production of that print, but also often simply with a continuous tendency to support the dedicator in a variety of ways over a longer period of time.(50) We can see how this worked in the three dedicated engravings mentioned in Diana's privilege based on inventions of Giulio Romano.
While Danai is a common Virgilian designation for 'Greeks,' the use of the word Danais here (instead of, say, Grais), highlighted by caesura, obliquely points in Alexandrian fashion to the first dedicator of the shield, Abas' grandfather, Danaus.(18)
Although the lion and the prow are rendered in Greek sculptural style, they had particular symbolic relevance to the Phoenician-speaking dedicator and audience of the stele.
In the Tell Fakhariyeh inscriptions Old Aramaic /t/, written <s> in the Aramaic version of the dedicator's name hdys'y (ll.
Why does Ovid pretend not to know the name of the original dedicator of the temple?
Another find from this part of Corinth that might be relevant is the fluted poros shaft of the Archaic period inscribed with the name of the dedicator, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.][ ].
Rather, Briant argues that the original statue was of the dedicator himself and that it was placed in a sanctuary before a local deity during the reign of either Artaxerxes I or II, and that the religious proscriptions are unrelated later additions.
Julius Caesar, and the future dedicator of the temple of Mars Ultor;
Caesar and Augustus, wishing not to compete with the memories of republican Rome connected with the Forum Romanum, created imperial fora, settings which they could invest with imperial memories, and specifically dynastic memories, placing the dedicator in the progression of Roman history.