dedicate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

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dedicate (someone or something) to (someone or something)

1. To devote oneself to a particular course of action. Once I had recovered from my injury, I dedicated myself to training for the marathon again.
2. To allocate someone or something to a particular cause. Luckily, Carrie dedicated these interns to us, so the mailing shouldn't take all day.
3. To show one's affection for someone by naming them, as at the beginning of a book. Of course I dedicated my novel to wife, to show my appreciation for her unwavering support.
4. To commit or pledge something to a religious entity or intention. Our church recently dedicated a beautiful shrine to Mary.
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dedicate someone or something to someone or something

1. to reserve someone or something for the use of someone or something. The manager dedicated new assistants to the exclusive use of the legal department. The committee dedicated a corner in the library to books on agriculture.
2. to pledge someone or something to someone, something, a deity, or religious purposes. The elders dedicated the building to the glory of God. He dedicated himself to the prosecution of justice.
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dedicate to

1. To address or inscribe something to someone as a mark of respect or affection: The author dedicated the book to her nephew. This monument is dedicated to prisoners of war.
2. To set something apart for some deity or for religious use; consecrate something: The parish dedicated the new church to St. Peter. The temple was dedicated to Ra, the Egyptian sun god.
3. To set something apart for some special use: The convention organizers have dedicated this table to publishers who want to sell their books. This lane of traffic is dedicated to city buses.
4. To commit someone to some course of thought or action: The candidate dedicated herself to fixing social security. The mayor is dedicated to lowering taxes.
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Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us.
My Instauration, I dedicated to the King: My Historie of Henry the Seventh,
Affectionately Dedicated to my young friend Sumner Hamilton Britton of Chicago
Now, you know, I never had a play dedicated to ME!'
A fellow who couldn't write a tragedy on pain of death, and who will never have one dedicated to him with the most complimentary congratulations on the high position he has taken in the eyes of posterity!" Very trying, very trying.
The right hemisphere, "dedicated to the ladies," encloses smaller seas, whose significant names contain every incident of a feminine existence.
One was a fantasia, King Lear; the other was a quartette dedicated to the memory of Bach.
It was erected for the express purpose to which it is at present devoted, in the incredibly short period of one sun; and was dedicated to the immortal wooden idols by a grand festival, which lasted ten days and nights.
"Can your first vote be dedicated to those who carried out the air strike," Modi said, appealing to first-time voters at a poll rally here in Latur district of Maharashtra.
Acquah posted on Twitter dedicating the goal to his mum,' My goal dedicated to my mom Ama Kwaadu.
An IEEEP communication says 'Electricity Pakistan 2019' is the largest exhibition and conference dedicated to energy, storage and power technology we're bringing it to Lahore Pakistan, as Electricity Pakistan is the only dedicated electrical exhibition in Pakistan like no other.
Summary: Kathmandu, [Nepal] Nov 05 (ANI): Kick-starting celebrations ahead of Diwali or Tihar, locals in Nepal are celebrating Kaag Tihar- a festival dedicated to crows.
However, the bombs of Zaev melted that mask made of wax, to reveal a horrible person--a greedy scoundrel, dedicated to the mastery of turning state money into their own money, adds Vangelov!
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