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decorate (someone) for (something)

To honor with an award for a special accomplishment or achievement, often one linked to heroism. The soldier who rescued his entire platoon was decorated for his valor in a ceremony earlier today.
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decorate (something) with (something)

To embellish something by adding adornments to it, often for a particular occasion. I decorated the room with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party. My little niece adorably decorated her card to me with lots of stickers.
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decorate someone for something

to award someone a medal or ribbon for doing something important or brave. The town decorated her for her heroic act. She was decorated for her heroism.
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decorate something with something

to adorn or ornament something with something. I will decorate the cake with roses made of sugar. Can I decorate your car with streamers for the parade?
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A Decorating Den franchise costs between $8,000 and $16,000, depending on how large a territory an owner wishes to command.
A Youngster Ayan Ali said, The transporters are being seen decorating their vehicles with national flags, colourful stickers and banners inscribed with Independence Day greetings.
The Home Decorating Company's list of best bedroom designs goes beyond what's typically found with other guides to feature furniture, accent placement, color combinations for vibrancy, and geometric patterns to create an unforgettable and appealing appearance.
This professional grade paint can be matched to any colour requested, using the Crown Decorating Centre in-store mixing service, which uses high-technology Spectrophotomers to create a bespoke colour match.
I always helped my mother in baking and decorating cake, especially during my siblings' birthdays.
AQL Decorating will continue to operate as an independent company with its current management team and employees servicing its existing customer base.
"Metal decorating is an application for both inks and coatings," Mr.
Custom-built printing, hot-stamping, screen-printing and decorating machinery.
Celebrity Zoe Ball confesses to experiencing the perils and joys of decorating.
Assistant restaurant manager Louise White put them through their paces and everyone had a crack at decorating their own cake.
STEVENS, Pa.-Holiday and seasonal decorating is a $14.1 billion industry, according to Unity Marketing, and despite the current anti-clutter trend, the desire to decorate for the holidays continues to grow.
Until Christmas Eve children can indulge their creative talents by decorating their very own Christmas Star to raise money for the NSPCC.
"In the fall of 2001, the consumer psychology of holiday decorating changed dramatically," notes Unity Marketing president Pam Danziger.
IF you're overwhelmed by the thought of designing and decorating your home, take some advice from an expert in Mary Gilliat's New Guide To Decorating (Conran Octopus, pounds 20).
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