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decorate (someone) for (something)

To acknowledge one with an award for a special accomplishment or achievement, often one linked to heroism. The soldier who rescued his entire platoon was decorated for his valor in a ceremony earlier today.
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decorate (something) with (something)

To decorate or embellish something with something, often for a particular occasion. I decorated the room with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party. My little niece adorably decorated her card to me with lots of stickers.
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decorate someone for something

to award someone a medal or ribbon for doing something important or brave. The town decorated her for her heroic act. She was decorated for her heroism.
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decorate something with something

to adorn or ornament something with something. I will decorate the cake with roses made of sugar. Can I decorate your car with streamers for the parade?
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Holiday shopping trends like these in addition to the timing of Thanksgiving vacations may prompt more people to begin decorating sooner than once thought.
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When asked about the cost of decorating his car this year he said, "it cost me between Dh3000 to Dh4000 this year, last year however my GMC decorations cost me around Dh20,000.
The expansion of the technology has been made possible largely by extending its use from polypropylene, for which Xeikon's Digital Decorating System was developed, to printing on HDPE.
com survey found that the majority of renters (65 percent) plan to spend $500 or less on their decorating budget while 18 percent of respondents will spend $500 to $1,000.
Semi-automatic and automatic flat-bed screen-printing equipment for decorating plastic sheets from 9 x 12 in.
A: Nature provides numerous opportunities and inexpensive resources to utilize in decorating the interior of the home, apartment, or commercial space.
Halloween also continues to be one of the biggest decorating holidays of the year, second only to Christmas, with 59.
Unity also found that traditional Christmas red and green is a favorite decorating color.
Often, we dismiss our own sense of style and seek professional design advice believing that when it comes to successful interior decorating, some people have it and some people don't.
And you know that selecting a home decorating consulting team is just as critical as the materials you select, because your selections are based upon trusted expert advice.
What's your signature way of decorating the little yolks Dye?
BRITS are becoming a nation of home decorating enthusiasts with around two thirds of us now said to be keen or very keen on doing up our homes.