decorate with

decorate (something) with (something)

To embellish something by adding adornments to it, often for a particular occasion. I decorated the room with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party. My little niece adorably decorated her card to me with lots of stickers.
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decorate something with something

to adorn or ornament something with something. I will decorate the cake with roses made of sugar. Can I decorate your car with streamers for the parade?
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Top 10 clutterbusting tips How to clear clutter in five minutes a day 2 DECORATE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Before you dash out to the craft store or decorating shop, pay a visit to the attic or storage room.
4 DECORATE WITH YOUR OWN COLOURS Each year stylists and magazines promote new, hot colour schemes, hoping to spur improved sales through obsolescence.
At the end of four days you will have decorated three unique cupcakes and learned how easy and fun it is to decorate with just a few common ingredients and a few easy to use tools.
Package in nice bottle and decorate with dried herbs tied to the bottle neck with raffia.