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decorate (someone) for (something)

To honor with an award for a special accomplishment or achievement, often one linked to heroism. The soldier who rescued his entire platoon was decorated for his valor in a ceremony earlier today.
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decorate (something) with (something)

To embellish something by adding adornments to it, often for a particular occasion. I decorated the room with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party. My little niece adorably decorated her card to me with lots of stickers.
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decorate someone for something

to award someone a medal or ribbon for doing something important or brave. The town decorated her for her heroic act. She was decorated for her heroism.
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decorate something with something

to adorn or ornament something with something. I will decorate the cake with roses made of sugar. Can I decorate your car with streamers for the parade?
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Whether it is the shoe-scuffed floors of a classroom turned loft, or the industrial windows of a former warehouse, Harlem Style has documented these nontraditional spaces and the mix of eclectic styles that decorate them.
Once the process is complete, the birds "carpet" the entrance with moss and decorate it with thousands of colorful objects like orange flowers, yellow leaves, blue fruits, and red berries.
Truck art typically brings to mind the brightly and intricately painted large trucks that can be spotted across Pakistan, but another lesser known, but no less ubiquitous, form of truck art, called Suzuki art, is often used to decorate public transport vehicles around the city.
Some visitors to Hiller's True Value recently discovered you can have your cake--and decorate it, too.
San Francisco, CA, June 01, 2013 --( -The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cake Decorating Solution: New Cupcake Quick Start Four Day Challenge Reveals How Anyone Can Learn to Decorate Cakes Starting With Three Unique Cupcake Characters.
Children of all ages can look forward to learning how to make and decorate their own pastries, as well as enjoy balloon shaping and face painting for free.
roller with the ability to decorate 360[degrees] on cylindrical parts in one step.
Head over to the craft stores for items to decorate the containers you pick up.
Star templates will be available for children to decorate during Playtime or at home.
Send a snapshot or drawing of your eggstra special creation along with a 100-word essay on the unique, creative ways you decorate to The Most Beautiful Easter Egg Contest, PAAS, 1 Park Street, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 by May 1.
It is important to decorate the cakes on the selling floor, says Bakery Craft's Lippert.
“I have been working with clients and helping them decorate and redesign rooms in their homes for the past ten years,” says owner Julian Mozeley.
Some love it, others dread it -- how to decorate this room?
But let me also say that I always decorate for Christmas.
On every Christmas, the members of Christian community decorate the evergreen coniferous tree, real or artificial, as a tradition associated with the celebration of Christmas.