declare an interest

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declare an/(one's) interest

To state financial interest in something. He was sure to declare his interest before we prepared his contract.
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declare an (or your) interest

make known your financial interests in an undertaking before it is discussed.
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In a letter before the sub-committee Cllr Khan said: "I am accepting responsibility for making a bad judgement call and failing to declare an interest at a meeting when, in the light of a great deal of thought and reflection, I should have done so."
The council's legal services department said he did not need to declare an interest.
A COUNCILLOR who did not declare an interest during a meeting which approved huge pay rises for Caerphilly council officers has been cleared by the ombudsman of breaching a code of conduct.
Meanwhile Salford City Reds are the first Super League club to declare an interest in Warriors' centre Martin Gleeson.
Assembly officials have already urged airlines to step forward to declare an interest in expanding services to other destinations.
A complaint was made to the Standards Board by an unnamed councillor in November last year alleging that Coun John Burton failed to declare an interest during a planning meeting to decide the fate of hundreds of new homes in Trimdon.
Failure to declare an interest was maladministration but no injustice flowed from it.
Why not at least declare an interest for Birmingham and support the NEC bid as well?
I have to declare an interest in that a year or so ago I did a misguided amicus curiae evaluation of the existing site.
It seems McLetchie failed to declare an interest when he backed a motion opposing the proposed expansion of Edinburgh Airport.
Cllr Sheila Lacy (Lab, Westwood) has to declare an interest and withdraw from any debates on Whitefriars because she is married to board member and former councillor Peter Lacy.
The meeting to decide if the plans for the Halewood development get the goahead could end in farce if too many councillors take up the advice of senior officers and declare an interest.
Which of these people is to declare an interest? And, if copy is changed after the journalist writes it - in a manner which brings it within the scope to the order - is the originating journalist still responsible?
I DECLARE an interest. I bred Florida Pearl and am very proud of him.
Mrs Anderson is quoted as saying that she checked with the Commons registrar of MPs' interests and was assured she did not have to declare an interest.