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declare (oneself) for (someone or something)

To pledge one's support to someone or something. A reflexive pronoun typically follows "declare." I declared myself for that candidate because I think she's the most qualified person for the job. Phil declared himself for that big construction project in our neighborhood because he's sick of driving five miles to the nearest store.
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declare war against (someone or something)

1. To officially announce the intention to fight against an enemy country or group in a war. We will have to declare war against the rebels if they advance over our border.
2. To announce the intention to vehemently oppose someone or something. This usage does not refer to physical fighting. The mayor has declared war on crime in our city and is bolstering our police force.
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declare an/(one's) interest

To state one's financial interests in something. Oh, he was sure to declare his interest before we prepared his contract.
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declare (oneself) for someone or something

to state one's support of someone or something. Susan declared herself for Mary's candidacy. I have not yet declared for any particular policy. Todd declared himself for the candidacy of Mary Brown for mayor.
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declare (oneself) for someone or something

to state one's support of someone or something. Susan declared herself for Mary's candidacy. I have not yet declared for any particular policy. Todd declared himself for the candidacy of Mary Brown for mayor.
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declare war against someone or something

 and declare war on someone or something 
1. Lit. to formally announce that one will fight a war with someone or some country. A group of countries declared war against the aggressor.
2. . Fig. to announce a serious campaign against a type of person or a serious problem. The president declared war against crime and criminals. The pressure group declared war on waste.
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I declare (to goodness)!

Rur. What a surprise! I declare to goodness! You certainly have grown since I saw you. Tom: Jim and Sally are going to get married. Mary: Well, I declare!

I (do) declare!

Inf. I am surprised to hear that! (Old-fashioned.) Mary: I'm the new president of my sorority! Grandmother: I declare! That's very nice. A plane had landed right in the middle of the cornfield. The old farmer shook his head in disbelief. "I do declare!" he said over and over as he walked toward the plane.

declare war on

Also, declare war against. Announce one's intent to suppress or eradicate something or someone. For example, The police have declared war on drug dealing in the neighborhood, or Several gangs have declared war against each other. This usage transfers the literal sense of the term, "to state formally one's intention to carry on hostilities against another power," to a somewhat smaller scale.
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declare an (or your) interest

make known your financial interests in an undertaking before it is discussed.
See also: declare, interest

declare war

1. To state formally the intention to carry on armed hostilities against.
2. To state one's intent to suppress or eradicate: declared war on drug dealing in the neighborhood.
See also: declare, war
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SNP MSP John Wilson said that until there was a full declarable register for judges, there would be doubts about "the interests that judges may be putting before the legal arguments".
The improvers also include a crumb softener, which increases softness over the shelf life but with no declarable ingredients being used.
Although the law does not require loans to be registered with the Commission as donations are, the treasurers were reminded that preferential interest rates or flexible repayment conditions including the prospect that the borrowing may eventually be converted into a gift could be seen as a declarable benefit.
The Richmond MP's declarable interests cover almost two pages of the latest Register of Members' Interests covering directorship fees, payments for speeches, sponsorship and financial support, gifts and other benefits.
Fine Gael's disclosure to the Public Offices Commission, which keeps track of the figures, said it received no declarable donations last year.
However Elizabeth Filkin, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, launched an investigation and on the basis of her findings, the cross-party committee of MPs is believed to have found Mr Robinson did have a declarable financial interest because he worked for Hollis.
Also included are two optional sister vessels, declarable spring 2010.
AROW has broken out between Labour and Plaid Cymru after it emerged that Plaid had received no declarable donations at all during the final quarter of last year.
Wind operations are not declarable, the gelding operation is not declarable, pregnancy is not declarable.
None of what I did was declarable so no impropriety arose.
However, for companies in the Ready Y2K Program that have demonstrated a concerted effort to resolve their Year 2000 problems and have addressed the issue with their third-party suppliers, any subsequent outage could be truly unanticipated and therefore a declarable disaster.
To help Labour reverse the 2012 NHS legislation without yet another major reorganisation, I have made a declarable contribution of over PS7,500 to Labour funds.
Jockey Club spokesman John Maxse said: "The Jockey Club has no plan to add wind operations to the current list of declarable items, such as identifiable and artificial aids like blinkers, tongue-straps and cheekpieces.
LATEST published figures from the Electoral Commission show that Plaid Cymru had no declarable donations at all during the third quarter of 2011.
However, Hills has never lost faith in the horse and the cheekpieces - which will become a declarable item next month - again had the desired effect as he recouped ten times the outlay when picking up the pounds 245,920 first prize in the Emirate Airlines-sponsored contest.