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That I should be ground to death between the two was lost upon me as I saw the girl standing alone upon the tug's deck, as I saw the stern high in air and the bow rapidly settling for the final dive, as I saw death from which I could not save her clutching at the skirts of the woman I now knew all too well that I loved.
Instantly he went backward to the deck, and as he did so he threw his arms outwards to save himself, freeing me.
Under that colossal threatened impact he crouched down to the deck. Above him, falling upon him like a bolt from the blue, was a winged hawk unthinkably vaster than the one he had encountered.
With spontaneity of admiration, Van Horn swept Jerry from the deck and gathered him into his arms.
The flier seemed intact except for the missing propellor and the fact that it had been carefully moored in the shelter of the clump of trees indicated that the girl had expected to return to it, while the dust and leaves upon its deck spoke of the long days, and even weeks, since she had landed.
Casting off its lashings he dragged it out from beneath the trees, and, mounting to the deck tested out the various controls.
He was a powerful as well as a resolute man, but he had come upon deck without weapons.
Then my head came above the deck and I saw Thurid, dagger in hand, leaping toward me.
As the Ghost rolled her side out of water, the boat was lifted snugly against her, and before the return roll came, we had heaved it in over the side and turned it bottom up on the deck. I noticed blood spouting from Kerfoot's left hand.
Her eyes were widespread in an expression of horrified anticipation and fixed directly upon me as I came in sight above the edge of the deck.
Too high it was for him to reach it, but his teeth closed on the flowing black scarf and tore it to tatters as his weight drew him back to deck.
Even as he spoke, however, his head swirled round, and he fell to the deck with the blood gushing from his nose and mouth.
From the side glance he gives me when awake it seems as though he were annoyed at being interrupted in some arduous mental operation; and as I emerge on deck the ordered arrangement of the stars meets my eye, un- clouded, infinitely wearisome.
Then, without even a glance toward Rokoff and his companion, he continued his stroll along the deck.
Something struck me on the back of the head, partially stunning me and knocking me to the deck.