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abide by a decision

To accept, follow, and comply with a decision, especially that which is handed down by a judge. Though it stings my dignity, I have to abide by the court's decision to not allow me to drive a car for the next 12 months.
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landmark decision

A legal decision that sets a precedent for how similar cases are to be resolved in the future. Review that landmark decision—it should help us to build our case.
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make a decision

To decide; to choose something. What do you want for dinner? I need you to make a decision so that I can start cooking.
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eleventh-hour decision

A decision made at the last possible moment or opportunity. I was shocked that they reached an eleventh-hour decision after weeks of squabbling.
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arrive at a decision

 and reach a decision
to make a decision; decide. Have you arrived at a decision yet? We will reach a decision tomorrow.
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eleventh-hour decision

Fig. a decision made very late in a process, or at the last possible moment. Eleventh-hour decisions are seldom satisfactory. The president's eleventh-hour decision was made in a great hurry, but it turned out to be correct.
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However, when they do, their decisions are often ascribed to their dementia, and staff feel obliged to seek alternative input from a responsible party or durable power of attorney.
Another area of difficulty in decisions is conflict (Malle, B, 1995).
The relationship between district-wide perceptions of leaders' decision making approaches and perceptions of influence in change decisions is further supported through correlation analysis.
Goals of the research were to examine (a) different types of career exploration in which college students participate; (b) relationships between career exploration and development of career decisions; (c) relationships between career exploration and satisfaction with career decisions; and (d)the impact of exploration on career decision making and satisfaction.
They'll use options thinking to create flexibility in managing the risk and uncertainty associated with decisions such as those mentioned.
They set the standard for deciding, prioritizing and shaping competing demands for capital and, as a result, help create the conditions for an open debate on capital management decisions.
Career decisions are usually made under conditions of uncertainty, when the actualization of a preferred alternative is not assured.
The camp decision process continues to be complex, with many different factors converging on both parents and children.
The city Redevelopment Agency's decision to reopen the bidding process for a multimillion dollar theater project won wide praise from San Fernando residents Tuesday.
However, in view of the appellate court Kroger decision, as well as the Dover and Texaco-Cities Service decisions, future non-business filing positions based solely on the transactional test in Illinois would now likely be subject to penalty.
A person in this circumstance does not lose the right to make a decision; rather one loses the legal ability to carry out personal wishes due to one's legal incapacity to make decisions that reflect those wishes.
Third, many issues -- such as book selection decisions -- evade court review and therefore never receive authoritative judicial review.
I further understand that decisions made by the Suggestion Committee are final and binding on the suggester(s), the Suggestion Committee and General Motors.
their experiences alter or can alter how they make decisions.
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