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decide among (someone or something)

To choose someone or something from three or more options. We've had so many good candidates for the job that I'm having a very hard time deciding among them.
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decide between (someone or something)

To choose someone or something when given two options. Holly and Jack are both such good candidates for the job that I'm having a hard time deciding between them.
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Protect your license by deciding in advance who will come first, what you would be willing to do for them and what you would not be willing to do under any circumstance ...
"In deciding the membership or residence status of the defendants, the court must determine whether they have been validly expelled from the colony.
That's a bit like a do-it-yourselfer deciding to use a new hydraulic, 2,400-horsepower nail driver every time he needs to drive a nail--whether putting up studs in a new recreation room or hanging a picture.
Reason-Apply: "Any end E that justifies deciding to A must, supposing that decision is taken, also provide at least as much justification for doing A" (p.
When the judge is deciding a case without a jury, the law shows greater confidence in the judge's ability to separate relevance from prejudice.
According to Neil Sandler, a managing director of Paine Webber and a panelist at the CFRI Conference, timing is everything, or at least a great deal, in deciding when to go public.
Libraries are, therefore, faced with deciding what they should do, and often what they cannot do.
The court relied state law giving the New York State Tax Commission the right to examine any refund claim before deciding whether to allow the claim.
However, he has succeeded in inventing just such a "new algebra," called Q1, which can work at a level better suited for posing a problem -- deciding what the problem is that one needs to solve.
He asserted that by deciding one of the three references separately and independently of the other two, the judge had already disclosed his mind with respect to the accused and the facts of the cases, which were common in all three references.
LAHORE -- Board of Revenue (BOR) Punjab has decided to recommend disciplinary action against the revenue officers found showing laxity towards deciding revenue judicial cases of overseas Pakistanis, according to timeline given by the BOR.
The meeting besides deciding to abolish clause b of article 142 of the constitution has also decided to make legislation in clause c of same article of the constitution, sources said, adding that, the meeting also decided not to change status of FATA.
You connect them to those deeper meanings by deciding what goals they should pursue--programming them to solve the right problems.
Clearly, the individuals involved in deciding to lie to the press made a choice to present false information because of a belief that the use of deception prevented a greater evil than the lie (i.e., narcotics suppliers being apprehended).
The shareholders claimed they had relied on this advice in deciding to guarantee a further line of credit to alleviate the company's cash flow problems.