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decide among (someone or something)

To choose someone or something from three or more options. We've had so many good candidates for the job that I'm having a very hard time deciding among them.
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decide between (someone or something)

To choose someone or something when given two options. Holly and Jack are both such good candidates for the job that I'm having a hard time deciding between them.
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Action: "Any justification at t for then deciding or intending to do A consists in the likelihood at t that so deciding or intending would further a desirable end E' (p.
This new collection, written by financial experts and several entrepreneurs who have successfully sold companies, offers business owners practical guidance on timing and other difficult issues, such as deciding who to sell your company to, whether to seek a buyer yourself or use an investment banker, how to get the best price once you do decide to sell and how to tell your employees.
Law enforcement administrators must think about more than just law enforcement objectives in deciding whether to use deception involving the media.
Schechter blames the city's hard line in defending certain values for the equally hard stance Judge Parness has taken in deciding recent certiorari cases, including One New York Plaza, which was upheld unanimously by the Appellate Division last month.
For men and women 50+ who are grocery shoppers, the bakery department was the most important when deciding which grocery store they want to shop
In assessing the likelihood of the South Carolina Supreme Court deciding to hear the appeal, the fact that the case involves a "novel" theory of law -- the lost volume seller doctrine -- would be an accepted consideration for the granting of such a hearing.
Hahn had lobbied hard for the council to support his plan to boost the Los Angeles Police Department by 320 extra officers, but the council voted 11-3 against him, deciding there was too much uncertainty about the city's financial picture.
After first deciding to implement a "wooden bat" requirement for the 2003 tournaments the Committee then decided to recommend a permanent rule change which, if enacted, would take effect in the 2004 spring season.
He spends hours examining them, deciding by the color, markings and tails which ones will likely grow into the beautiful adults that have made koi fish famous.
Before deciding which store to buy from, consumers need to decide what products to buy.
We will be deciding whether to divide America's second- largest city and create America's sixth-largest city.
Decision days: With teams such as San Diego and Colorado already deciding they're out of the playoff running and trying to dump payroll and stockpile prospects for the next few years, the Mets and Oakland Athletics are in a critical juncture of their seasons.
PALMDALE - A divided City Council has opted to wait two more weeks before deciding how to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Shelley Sorsabal.
That is one of Holmes' concerns, he says, in deciding whether to prosecute Earl Lindquist.
Could council members present research they read before deciding to fluoridate Los Angeles water?