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decide against (someone or something)

1. To choose not to accept someone. Yes, Holly was a strong candidate, but we ultimately decided against her for the job.
2. To choose not to do something. I was so tired that I decided against going out with my friends tonight.
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decide on (someone or something)

To choose someone or something, usually after a period of deliberation. Yes, Holly was a strong candidate, but we ultimately decided on someone else for the job opening. After agonizing over the menu, I finally decided on mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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The problem is, by Mr Campbell's own definition, whatever Johnson does or doesn't do is pursuant to a "decidedly right-wing agenda", including Brexit.
In fact, it had just swallowed a fish - and looked decidedly happy with its catch. with a decidedly liberal bent--a shock, we know.
23 these mothers shed their original identity and take "on an uncharacteristic, assertive, decidedly non-feminine one, instead." The contrast of the three mothers was a delight to read.
Dean Baquet, Washington bureau chief for The New York Times, tells E&P he apologized to Executive Editor John Solomon of The Washington Times for a story last week that stated Solomon's paper was "decidedly opposed" to Barack Obama.
Actor Alan Cumming took on a decidedly domestic role when he entered into a civil partnership with boyfriend Grant Shaffer in Greenwich, England, on January 7.
"Let Us Be Perfectly Clear" is designed as a 'flip book' with one side (Perfectly Clear) featuring comedic work while the reverse side (Let Us Be) offers stories which are decidedly morose.
With its unique physical consistency, its decidedly axial strength, and its deadening acoustic absorption, corrugated cardboard has many inherent qualities.
But in Frears' film the current occupant of Buckingham Palace lives in a decidedly post-Elizabethan era, and her subjects see the queen's ramrod spine and stoic manners as signs of cold and aloof indifference, not courage or conviction.
The second collection by prizewinning poet Caitriona O'Reilly, The Sea Cabinet is a free-verse collection with a decidedly nautical theme.
That's a sample of how the decidedly disorganized Federal Emergency Management Agency has been spending between $600 million and $1.4 billion of your taxes.
Professional Women in Construction recently hosted the latest in its series of Transportation Forums: "Trains, Planes & Automobiles" featuring a decidedly upbeat outlook on the airline industry.
This is a decidedly endearing tale that offers its reader enough plot twists and turns to build anticipation for the next volume.
Robles' Lakas And The Makibaka Hotel (0892392134, $16.95) presents an unusual bilingual English-Tagalog story set in the US as a musical with decidedly modern overtones.