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decide against (someone or something)

1. To choose not to accept someone. Yes, Holly was a strong candidate, but we ultimately decided against her for the job.
2. To choose not to do something. I was so tired that I decided against going out with my friends tonight.
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decide on (someone or something)

To choose someone or something, usually after a period of deliberation. Yes, Holly was a strong candidate, but we ultimately decided on someone else for the job opening. After agonizing over the menu, I finally decided on mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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Seeing this, and being quite exhausted by the excitement of the past few hours, the little girl decided that sleep would be the best thing to restore her strength and the easiest way in which she could pass the time.
Sola told me that the coolness of the night, when it fell, together with the rest would doubtless revive him, and so I decided not to kill him, as was my first intention, as I had thought it cruel to leave him alone there to die of hunger and thirst.
"Martin," she said a bit huskily, two evenings later, at supper, "I've decided that you are right.
Rose told her friends she and her husband had decided that the second story would make her too much work, and Martin noticed with surprise how easily her convincing statement was accepted.
"Then I'll go along," decided Billina, and scarcely had she spoken when Toto ran up and joined them.
Anyhow, we've decided on the experiment and goodness only knows what will come of it."
KARACHI -- A total of 12,584 murder and narcotics cases have been decided in about five months by 167 model courts set up across the country to conduct swift trials, it emerged on Thursday.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Interior on Monday decided to form a Task Force at national and provincial levels for the prevention of smuggling.
In the performance report, there are separate reports for single bench and division bench: four single benches decided 3,796 cases while two division benches decided 949 cases.
RAWALPINDI: The Model Courts which have been set up across the country to provide speedy justice and to clear the massive backlog of cases decided four cases including one case of murder and three of narcotics in the Rawalpindi division.
Within a few days after inking 11-point agreement with the government CK Raut has dissolved its party Independent Madhesh Alliance and decided to register a new party at the Election Commission with the name, Janamat Party.
EDWARD Heath, for all his faults, decided that the UK should withdraw from East of Suez.
The Balochistan government on Friday decided to impose a ban on sale of carbonated drinks at all educational institutions across the province.The decision was taken at a meeting of Balochistan Food Authority, chaired by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan in Quetta.
He said the cabinet has decided to form a cabinet committee headed by Shehzad Arbab, to look into the affairs of tenures of bureaucrats and present its suggestions to the cabinet.