decide for

decide for (someone or something)

To rule favorably for someone or something. My client will almost certainly go to jail if the judge doesn't decide for him.
See also: decide

decide for someone or something

to rule in favor of someone or something; to make a judgment for someone or something. The jury decided for the plaintiff. The judge decided for me.
See also: decide
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Decide for iPhone and iPod touch is the first shopping app to address the "When to Buy?
This gives voters a chance to decide for themselves how to keep special interests out of city government,'' council President Eric Garcetti said in a statement.
A few reasons why some women decide FOR reconstruction with breast implants:
Time was, college recruiters knew that students probably wouldn't decide for whom to work until they'd interviewed with everyone.
Nasdaq: QDIN) urging that it take the steps necessary to allow shareholders to truly decide for themselves whether to accept or reject the offer of QDI Acquisition LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBO, to acquire all Quality Dining shares at $5.
Romer will have the money from the union and downtown power brokers behind him, so he shouldn't be afraid of letting the Valley decide for itself.
Why might residents want to decide for themselves whether to raise their intake of fluoride?