decide among

decide among (someone or something)

To choose someone or something when given three or more options. We've had so many good candidates for the job that I'm having a very hard time deciding among them.
See also: among, decide

decide among (someone and someone else)

 and decide among (something and something else)
to choose from three or more people; to choose from three or more things. I couldn't decide among all the choices on the menu. I will decide among Fred, Tom, and Alice.
See also: among, decide
References in classic literature ?
The captains have arranged--most wisely, as I think--that Chance shall decide among us who goes with the expedition and who stays behind in the huts.
Pressley had held the view that he was happy to let the players decide among themselves in the heat of the moment but changed his thinking after seeing Reda Johnson and Marcus Tudgay fail from 12 yards.
The artist discovery assistance gives us the opportunity to easily decide among the up-and-coming artists in our current roster.
But they have to decide among themselves who is running the show.
Which candidates make the cut for governor and the other contested positions is for Democrats to decide among themselves.
Voters will decide among four Republican candidates Saturday in a special election to replace state Sen.
Now the government is yet to decide among the commodities to be a priority after cacao.
What Afghans decide among themselves is acceptable to everyone.
I spent 10 minutes flipping through the menu not being able to decide among the choices.
When we meet, we will also decide among ourselves as to which of the five persons from this panel would be named on the three- member commission," Shirke told MAIL TODAY .
Supported by key facts and information included in the UAE's official Bid Dossier submitted to the BIE last December, results of the visits will help BIE member countries to form their opinions and decide among the five contesting cities, including Dubai.
This is a system where huge housing development companies together with a local estate agent tour the area with an MBC planning officer and decide among themselves which areas would be good to develop for housing.
In cub football it was up to managers to decide among themselves how many subs they played - we managed 12 one match I seem to remember.
It's quite a task to get 30 or so excited horses assembled in a quiet, orderly fashion so the "just mill around for a bit and decide among yourselves when you're going to break into a trot" approach is probably the best way of doing things.
Otherwise, allow the electorate to decide among the candidates.