decide against

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decide against (someone or something)

1. To choose not to accept someone. Yes, Holly was a strong candidate, but we ultimately decided against her for the job.
2. To choose not to do something. I was so tired that I decided against going out with my friends tonight.
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decide against someone or something

to rule against someone or something; to make a judgment against someone or something. We decided against Tom and chose Larry instead. Jane decided against the supplier.
See also: decide
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We probably need to organise alternative competitions and render all the necessary support to athletes, who would decide against going to the Olympics (under the neutral status)," Zhukov said addressing debates at the State Duma on Friday.
Ashraf may decide against his appointment as there is no point in investing him.
FR), a utility company, is likely to decide against selling its United Kingdom power grid assets, according to Les Echos newspaper.
The positive flip side: If any consumers are turned off by your new information content, very few will decide against purchasing something because of it.
Howard Matz said he believed that Beard-Williams failed to appear to be cross-examined because she expected the jury would decide against her.
The relatively high cost forced one Thunder Bay shipping firm to decide against converting some of its fleet to self-unloaders.
If prosecutors decide against retrying the case, Superior Court Judge Ronald S.
Bradbury will decide against seeking the death penalty after they meet later this month to discuss the matter.
School officials might decide against acquiring the parcel if soil tests reveal that mitigating any environmental problems would be too costly for the Golden Valley project or if future negotiations with NTS prove unsuccessful, Lee said.
Dianne Feinstein to decide against entering the race.