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debt to nature

A euphemism for death. When I'm ready to pay my debt to nature, I hope I'm surrounded by my family.
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up to (one's) ears in debt

Having an excessive or overwhelming about of debt. Our cash flow is good, but we're up to our ears in debt, which is a big strain on the company. You'll be up to your ears in debt if you don't stop charging everything.
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make good on (something)

To fulfill an obligation, such as keeping a promise or paying a debt. You better make good on all the things you said you would deliver, or the client is not going to be happy. Trust me, I always make good on my debts, OK?
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be in (one's) debt

To feel deeply appreciative of someone's help. Helen's the one who got me a job at that great company, so I'm forever in her debt.
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get into debt

To owe money to someone or something (such as a bank or other lending institution). If you spend more with your credit cards than you can reasonably pay off, you'll get into debt before you know it.
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run into debt

To owe money to someone or something (such as a bank or other lending institution). If you spend more with your credit cards than you can reasonably pay off, you'll run into debt before you know it.
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head over heels in debt

Fig. deeply in debt. Finally, when she was head over heels in debt, she cut up her credit cards. I couldn't stand being head over heels in debt, so I always pay off my bills immediately.
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in debt

having debts; having much debt; owing money. Mary is deeply in debt. I am in debt to the bank for my car loan.
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*out of debt

no longer owing a debt. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get oneself ~.) I've taken a second job so I can get myself out of debt.
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owe someone a debt of gratitude

a large amount of thanks owed to someone who deserves gratitude. (Actually payment of the debt is owed.) We owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us.
See also: debt, of, owe

pay one's debt (to society)

Cliché to serve a sentence for a crime, usually in prison. The judge said that Mr. Simpson had to pay his debt to society. Mr. Brown paid his debt in state prison.
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up to your ears in debt

If you are up to your ears in debt, you owe a lot of money. Tom was still up to his ears in debt with no prospect of work.
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be in somebody’s ˈdebt

(formal) be very grateful to somebody because they have helped you: After my divorce Ann was the only one prepared to listen to my problems, and I am forever in her debt.
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ˌget/ˌrun into ˈdebt

begin to owe money: After she lost her job, she began to run into debt.
See also: debt, get, run
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166-3(a)(3)(iii) specifies that, in the case of significantly modified debt (within the meaning of Regs.
We look at their credit report first to determine how much open debt they have and the best plan of attack.
The way in which Argentine paper is presently trading is perhaps the clearest example of the disconnect between emerging market fundamentals and debt prices.
The principle of odious debt was codified in the early 20th century by a Russian political theorist, Alexander Nahum Sack.
The Federal Reserve measures our debt burden as the ratio of debt payments to disposable personal income.
It also means subordinated debt is more expensive than conventional financing.
She noted that 20 countries were to be involved in debt relief by the end of the year.
The Dowlings moved to dismiss the petition claiming that the landlord violated FDCPA by serving the rent demand and the petition, both of which instruments, although signed by the landlord, were prepared by the attorney for the landlord, but they did not contain the validation notice required of a debt collector by FDCPA.
The one I favor is the return on invested capital and in that calculation I include debt as part of the overall investment capital.
The taxpayer, however, should demonstrate that in economic reality -- which should be controlling -- Holding's lenders' perception (which is completely accurate) was, and is, that Target's assets and operations were, and are, the only sources available for servicing the debt.
In my remarks, I would like to begin with an overview of the economic factors that are likely to have contributed to the rising levels of consumer debt.
AEI is moderately leveraged with debt and cash flow levels consistent with the rating category.
If third-party debt is used as part of the initial capital structure, the shareholders do not need to invest as much of their personal funds, but can still obtain the same amount of ownership and control.
If you fail to arrange to pay the debt through this process, the creditor can take the next step and sue.